White Paper

Before and After Covid-19: Reimagining Work with Automation

The business of the future will consist of three equal parts: one-third humans, a third digital talent, and a final third of traditional IT. This state of equality could be reached by 2030."
Jason Kingdon Chief Executive, Blue Prism

A thought Leadership Report, presenting the findings of our research and describes the contrast between work in the pre and post COVID era.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has impacted every aspect of how we work and catapulted automation to the top of 'C' Suite agenda. To understand just how significant this disruption has been, and to obtain practical guidance on how to accelerate sales and marketing efforts, Blue Prism commissioned CIONET to conduct interviews with leading CIOs from organizations as diverse
as Astra Zeneca, UK Ministry of Defence and Allen & Overy. 

This report examines the likely changes to workflow, workforce and workplace. It focuses specifically on how intelligent automation might help large organizations to be more productive and responsive in the future. We believe intelligent automation could break a logjam around productivity and corporate growth that has contributed to economic stagnancy for much of the past two decades. 

We also look at the potential barriers to workplace innovation and how the C-suite will need to address these blockers as a matter of urgency. We conclude by presenting a roadmap for the adoption of intelligent automation and provide executives with a practical framework for following this route.

We believe the full report will give you and your executive colleagues the insight you need to prepare for post-COVID changes to workflow, workforce, and workplace. This transformation in working practices will present many challenges for executives, yet these barriers are far from intractable. By embracing the benefits of intelligent automation, large organizations will be have the foundations to prepare for the future of work with confidence.


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