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Breaking Barriers in Insurance with Intelligent Automation

Download the report to understand how insurance providers are benefitting from automating core processes within their organizations. 

In reading this report you will gain insights to the following critical questions:

  • How does automation benefit the insurer, customer and colleagues?
  • What is required for the benefits to be realised – in terms of both technology and organisational/cultural/strategic considerations?
  • How will skills, recruitment and training needs evolve as automation takes a larger share of tasks?
  • How to successfully blend a digital workforce with people?
  • What does best practice look like?

Traditional insurance providers and insurtechs are using automation

The benefits of automation in insurance are deeply felt within insurance organisations. Successful automation yields improved customer experiences and happier colleagues. Businesses that have successfully automated core processes are better prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Automation technology is widely available, yet manual ways of working are still commonplace in the insurance industry. It is not easy to rip out and replace legacy systems, change ways of working that have been established for generations, or connect silos. Moreover, to fully reap the benefits of automation, insurers must rethink their processes entirely, not simply automate existing processes – true success requires a deeper re-invention.

This research from Insurtech Insights and SS&C Blue Prism reveals the success steps for short and long-term value generation from automation. It is based on in-depth interviews with insurance leaders representing both incumbents and challengers in personal and commercial lines.

With thanks to the research paper participants from Howden Group, Allstate, iptiQ, Cover Genius, Aviva and AIA.

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