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Retail in the era of 'never normal'– Six post pandemic predictions

Retail in the ‘never normal’

The year that changed retail forever — Arguably more than any other sector, retail has experienced the starkest divide between winners and losers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst some segments of the industry (groceries and e-commerce, for example) have boomed, ‘non-essential’ bricks and mortar retailers have struggled due to enforced closures and reduced footfall even when lockdown restrictions have been eased.

As market dynamics continue to evolve and retailers enter into the new era of "Never Normal", they need to be prepared for a future of continued change and disruption. And, this means that most will urgently need to transform their operating models and resourcing so they can stay competitive, and in some cases, survive.

How retailers can prepare for continual change and disruption with Intelligent Automation

In this paper, we'll present 6 predictions for retail over the next year as it emerges from the Covid crisis and explore the potential for intelligent automation to drive digital transformation across organizations.

What's inside:

  • 6 Post-pandemic predictions for the retail industry
  • How retailers can prepare for continual change and disruption with intelligent automation
  • Use cases for digital workers within the retail industry

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