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How Retail is Leveraging Intelligent Automation in 2022

Download this whitepaper to learn how retail can leverage intelligent automation in 2022.

In this whitepaper you'll read about:

  • The pressures facing the retail industry in 2022
  • How retail organizations are leveraging intelligent automation
  • Where retailers need to take action in 2022
  • How organizations are accelerating from process automation to hyperautomation

Intelligent Automation in Retail in 2022

The past two years have been challenging for the global retail industry, which has had to adapt to changing consumer behaviors, interruptions to supply chains, rising prices, staff shortages, and the scarcity of raw materials.

While many retailers struggled to survive the unpredictability of the pandemic, those who had already invested in digital transformation by automating processes were able to react with agility, adopting new operational models and accelerating plans to introduce data analytics and seamless, omnichannel consumer journeys.

To assess the role that intelligent automation plays in their organization — and how it’s contributing to their short - and longterm ambitions — we surveyed more than 300 senior leaders from retailers across the UK and Ireland, the USA, EMEA, and Asia.

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