White Paper

RPA in the APAC Financial Services Sector

An analysis of implementation and awareness of RPA across key APAC region.

  • This research analyzed the levels of awareness and implementation (both current and future) of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) amongst mid-senior to senior individuals working within the APAC financial services industry.
  • The report highlighted that RPA has gained popularity and is generally well-regarded across the APAC financial services industry. However, use of RPA does vary in scale and there are some misconceptions related to RPA that suggest more education is required.
  • While those who are using RPA are reaping the benefits, the use of RPA adoption remains largely a tool to improve efficiency and cut costs, rather than being fully realized as a true catalyst for driving digital transformation and elevating business performance.

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One way to think about the finance transformation RPA brings is to imagine how it will change the role of finance professionals."
Gartner Report 2021

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