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Senior Roundtable: The future of resourcing work at Local Authorities with intelligent automation

Our panel of senior LRG executives share their insights on how intelligent automation is reshaping how local authorities are resourcing delivery of services.

We're incredibly proud of the network of local government clients with  Blue Prism Cloud and the pioneering work they're leading. We're delighted to bring you the perspectives of the people at the coalface of digital transformation in their own words.

Download our virtual roundtable now to see Hazel Shaw (Head of Customer Access, Barnsley Council), Richard Edmunds (Corporate Director of Education and Corporate Services, Caerphilly Council) and Faith La Grange (EMEA Director of Local Government, Microsoft) discuss the human impact intelligent automation is having at Local and Regional Governments.

What you'll get:

  • Insight into our leaders' personal views and experiences of working with Intelligent Automation
  • How Automation is helping Local Authorities combat the effects of austerity while continuing to offer a comprehensive list of services
  • A candid look at how Intelligent Automation is broadening the reach and quality of these services
  • ... and much more!

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