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Supercharge Contact Centers with the Power of 2 and Service Assist

Why do we need intelligent automation in the contact center?

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  • The odds are against organizations like yours delivering a great contact center customer experience. Expectations are sky high. Agents must increasingly contend with complex systems and overwhelming amounts of data. 
  • There’s a real shortage of people with the right skills. But you won’t win this fight by increasing headcount. Instead, you need to allow your best people to spend more time where they’ll deliver the most value to customers and the organization.
  • That means taking advantage of intelligent automation to pick up manual tasks so your people are free to do what they do best: looking after your customers and delivering better outcomes.
  • Unlike traditional alternatives that run each process sequentially, Service Assist digital workers work in parallel
    to do exactly what an agent wants, on demand.

Read the Ebook to learn more. 

Service Assist is available on AWS Marketplace. Integrations to AWS services like Amazon Connect maximize the customer experience.

We all have a story about navigating an endless labyrinth of automated menus or being left on hold for an eternity. Let’s face it, few contact center agents are likely to describe it as their dream working environment.
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