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The Fastest Business Wins: How intelligent automation can deliver speed as usual in the new economy

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We are currently facing an unprecedented economic environment of uncertainty and volatility. The challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact both business and public sector organisations well into 2021, and it is those which are prepared and ready to adapt quickly that will remain standing and prosper.

Intelligent automation is not a quick fix for overcoming these challenges, but there is a strong case for it forming the foundation stone of a strategy that will get you there faster.

If you already had a digital transformation strategy, you may well now be reviewing it to see how you can create changes in your organisation that will help to weather the storm. In fact, according to a study from Cisco AppDynamics, 66% of businesses have reported weaknesses in their digital strategy, exposed by the pandemic.

This white paper discusses the challenges the business community is facing, and posits that only by adopting new working practices @SPEED will organisations be able to survive.

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