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Blue Prism Global Survey Executive Series 3

Unfortunately, we misfit human resources to solve certain problems today. Using people to solve lots of really high-volume complex data issues is not an ideal strategy, but we still see people acting as the bridge between poor quality data sets."
Brian Halpin SVP, Customer Strategy and Transformation at Blue Prism

In the previous editions of our Executive Series, Building the New Operating Model Global Survey on the Role of Intelligent Automation in Financial Services Executive Series #1, and How to Benefit from the Great Reset Global Survey on the Role of Intelligent Automation in Financial Services Executive Series #2, we described how organizations in the financial services sector are evolving into three essential and powerful components: one third people, one third systems and one third digital workforce.

Digital workers operate with total integrity up to 650 times faster than people, with zero errors, 24/7

They provide a flexible intelligent automation platform that can be scaled up and down according to demand and retrained as new tasks arise. It means people can spend their time doing what humans do best, what a digital workforce never can—empathize, collaborate, network, create—all for the good of customers and colleagues.

This report is underpinned by our research with 550 financial services professionals

We examine how and why financial services institutions will need to think differently about utilizing intelligent automation and RPA to improve customer service. Rather than asking how to make internal processes more efficient or save money, ask how they can be used to work backward from KPIs to achieve a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) and lower customer churn rates.

Plotting the future

While the pandemic affected industry sectors differently, financial services navigated the crisis well, providing vital support for customers through a difficult time. But what comes next, and how have customer expectations changed? Find out more by downloading our report here.

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