White Paper

UK Healthcare Report: Keeping healthcare human with the help of intelligent automation

Our latest survey report looks into how healthcare leaders are prioritising their staff and patients by introducing new digital colleagues, known as digital workers.

The UK healthcare landscape has sustained continuous pressure for some time now, with new challenges and regulations constantly reshaping how services are delivered. Historically, these changes have been underpinned by people: plugging the gaps that systems can't fill and working harder and longer to meet expectations. We don't need to tell you that this isn't sustainable. Staffing shortages and burnout rates speak for themselves.

Thankfully change is on the horizon, with healthcare leaders reimagining processes and services with technologies that are fuelling a new era of healthcare provision.

To understand this paradigm shift in more detail, we surveyed 100 senior leaders from healthcare organizations across the UK, to get a glimpse of the role automation plays in their organization and how it’s contributing to their short and long-term ambitions.

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