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Using intelligent automation to enhance ERP-enabled business processes

In a new survey of IT leaders by IDG, 86 percent of the respondents reported planning to upgrade or purchase a new ERP solution over the next 12 months, creating significant opportunity for those organizations to evaluate their ERP strategy and the right approach for integrating automation."

Move your ERP to the next era

A look at how intelligent automation will help modernize and manage your organization’s ERP systems

Today, companies can no longer afford to rely on legacy ERP systems alone to manage some of their most important business functions. Change was already in the air—and then the pandemic raised the bar, accelerating the pace of digital transformation and forcing companies to adopt new ways of working. 

But there’s good news: Intelligent automation can enhance ERP modernization efforts by optimizing processes by far greater levels than what an ERP can do, driving real business benefits. These benefits include reducing manual effort and intervention, optimizing the use of employee time, reducing process cycle times, increasing employee satisfaction, increasing quality, and gaining better management of operational data – all of which are fast-becoming table stakes for any business. 

Download the white paper to learn the many benefits of enhancing ERP systems with intelligent automation.

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