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Why RPA adoption is key to serving 5G-based market demands

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Implementing 5G presents a significant opportunity for carriers, leveraging the higher performance capabilities over 4G to enable new services for all their customers across traditional and nontraditional market segments, generating new revenue streams and profits. With mobile data traffic estimated to grow by around 50 percent annually through to 2023, existing business processes are expected to suffer from further strain. Communication Service Providers (CSP) could leverage RPA to automate the bulk of their employees’ repetitive, rules-based, high-volume tasks for front and backoffice systems, freeing them up to perform more strategic, business-critical activities. Combining RPA with built-in cognitive intelligence technologies (such as AI and ML) CSPs can take advantage of a connected-RPA platform to dramatically lower their operational costs, reduce time-to-market for introducing new products/services and increase efficiency and productivity to accelerate the performance of their workforce – ultimately
improving the overall customer experience and drive monetization and growth.

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