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IDC Nordic Survey report : Workplace Efficiency - The Next Wave of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation has been used as a term and as a headline so many times, that it is in danger of being worn out. Nevertheless, the digital transformation is real and astonishing – in the last decade we have seen new digital business models be born and entire industries be shaken and re-shaped due to digitally native newcomers. Moreover, we have seen digital services become part of the revenue models of each and every industry and enterprise, and we can see the beginning of a full merger between physical and digital product.

The workplace has however, to a large extent, remained unchanged. Only recently, agile ways of working have brought a change to some industries, the activity based office has become popular and communication tools have emerged to improve collaboration across geographies and borders. Workplace transformation will come as one result of the ongoing changes in technology, business processes and revenue models, but also as a result in the changes in work culture and organization. Significant productivity gains are expected by this transformation.

IDC has conducted a survey in the four Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) to verify the trends and investment patterns, and this document describes the findings together with a multitude of IDC research covering these new initiatives in workplace transformation. The survey was conducted over 251 respondents covering organizations with more than 100 employees, across all industries.

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