RPA 101

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The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation

If you’re looking to implement RPA and intelligent automation or get up to speed with the latest trends, the Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation (aka RPA 101) is packed with insights, visionary and strategic ideas, practical advice, and more.

Discover how to implement or refine your RPA and intelligent automation without the pitfalls, and build a successful, collaborative human + digital workforce.

2020 ushered in an era that no one will soon forget. It also spawned a new interest in RPA and intelligent automation as an imperative for businesses looking to survive and thrive right now and in the years to come. Whether you're new to RPA and intelligent automation or looking to stay up to date on the latest trends in this burgeoning industry, this ultimate guide is for you. As the pioneer of RPA, we know a thing or two about defining strategic automation goals, implementing automation technology, managing and maintaining a growing automation initiative, and scaling your automation program to prepare for business growth.

Weathering inevitable shifts in volume, resources, demand, and consumer expectations to achieve true operational agility requires a firm understanding of what's possible with RPA and intelligent automation. It also requires proper support and guidance to help you fill in the gaps and create a robust automation journey that's primed for success. Written by subject matter experts and thought leaders, this ultimate guide is designed for just that purpose.

Each month, we'll release new content focusing on several crucial steps on your path to digital transformation. Bookmark this page and watch this resource grow!

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Section 1

Defining RPA and Intelligent Automation

In section one of The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation, you’ll learn the difference between RPA, intelligent automation and hyperautomation. You can also explore our glossary to get familiar with common automation terms. Plus, you’ll discover the top 5 reasons your business needs intelligent automation and learn about ‘enterprise-grade intelligent automation’ and what makes it different from traditional RPA.

Chapter 1: The Difference Between RPA, Intelligent Automation, and Hyperautomation Chapter 2: Glossary of Automation Terms Chapter 3: Top 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Intelligent Automation Chapter 4: What is Enterprise Grade Intelligent Automation and How Does it Differ from Traditional RPA? Chapter 5: Will RPA Technology Take Human Jobs?

Section 2

Vision and Strategy

In section two of The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation, find out why it’s important to have an attainable intelligent automation vision, and a strategy that’s primed to scale. Discover how to overcome barriers to intelligent automation adoption, how to identify the top 10 processes to start your automation journey, and more.

Chapter 1: Why it’s Important to Establish an Attainable RPA Vision Chapter 2: Executing an Intelligent Automation Strategy at Scale with a Proven Operating Methodology Chapter 3: Overcoming Barriers to Intelligent Automation Adoption

Section 3


Coming soon: In section three of The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation, learn how to avoid the top 10 mistakes and pitfalls of implementing an automation program, how to build a successful, collaborative human + digital workforce. Plus, find out how to set your employees up for success with intelligent automation, and more

Section 4

Management and Maintenance

Coming soon: In section four of The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation, discover how to transform digital workers into a digital workforce, how to successfully manage a digital workforce, and discover how to capture, measure, and optimize your process automations. Plus, you will learn how to identify and fill gaps in your existing automations, and more.

Section 5

Scaling Your Automation Program

Coming soon: In section five of The Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation, learn the secret to scaling intelligent automation successfully. Learn how to review, revise, and scale your strategy for enhanced operational agility, how to ‘think big, start small and grow strategically’, and how to build your roadmap for long-term intelligent automation success.