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How Cash Flow Automation Works

How Cash Flow Automation Works

Your cash flow is the money flowing in and out of your organization. For your organization to grow and succeed, making payments on time and having fully auditable and accurate financial data is critical. When done manually by your accounting team, each step of these financial workflows can be extremely labor-intensive. But with intelligent automation (IA) streamlining this work and ensuring data accuracy and security, you can deploy your people and resources to higher-value work. IA connects disparate and legacy systems and brings all your data into a secure, centralized system.

Support Your Accounting Team

IA combines robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM) and artificial intelligence (AI) to support your accounting team. The right cash flow management tools will give you a user-friendly financial interface that integrates seamlessly with your accounting software. Those with access will be able to view transactions through every phase of processing and approval. With digital workers automating your back-office tasks, your people can get back to important decision-making. This ensures timely payments, with checks and notifications, so you never miss critical financial information.

What Can Cash Management Systems Do?

Growth and visibility
Automated cash flow
The right tools
Automated Cash Flow - Growth Visibility

Growth and visibility

Managing a significant amount of financial data across multiple systems and applications leaves your processes vulnerable to human errors, which can result in inaccurate forecasting. With your treasury manager and team collecting cash flow data in spreadsheets and trying to merge and analyze them without centralized visibility (and with the chance that manual data entry could have incorrect or missing information), they’re stuck doing tedious, repetitive tasks rather than higher-value decision-making. This is costly and time-consuming and can leave your organization liable to pay back more interest.

Cash Flow Automation Results 


enhanced cash flow
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faster end-to-end
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Overcome Inefficiencies and Improve Visibility With Cash Flow Automation

Why You Should Automate Your Cash Flow Processes

Continuous cash visibility

IA provides real-time visibility into cash flow, allowing businesses to track income and expenses more effectively. It also enables you to create multiple what-if scenarios. This enhanced visibility enables better forecasting and planning for future cash flows.

Bigger cost savings

IA helps you boost your business’s bottom line by reducing the time your teams spend analyzing financial data, filling out spreadsheets, creating reports and crunching numbers. This can reduce costs in the long run by also reducing mistakes that require employees to rebalance the books.

Better use of time

IA streamlines repetitive cash flow management tasks such as invoicing, payment processing and reconciliation. This saves time and allows employees to focus on more strategic activities. IA’s accuracy reduces the likelihood of errors, meaning fewer reworks for finance teams.

Accelerated payments

Invoice automation and payment processing automation can accelerate the entire payment cycle. This improves cash flow by reducing the time it takes to receive payments from customers and clients. Manage cash with a single point of contact.

Reliable cash management

With automated cash flow processes, you can more easily monitor and manage your cash positions. This includes optimizing cash balances, identifying cash surpluses or shortages, and making timely decisions to address liquidity needs.

Fraud detection

A digital worker can detect discrepancies or misreported transactions and flag them immediately to the appropriate person. This helps ensure better security and reporting and facilitates fraud investigations.

Putting Cash Flow Automation Into Practice

Find the right cash flow forecasting software to ensure your teams always have the best information at their fingertips. Intelligent automation works with efficiency and security in mind. It optimizes financial processes across your organization and throughout your accounts payable and accounts receivable operations, helping you earn higher productivity and savings.

Future cash position
Invoice processing
Expense management

Future cash position

A digital workforce can automate your cash positioning to monitor your day-to-day cash inflows and outflows, determine balances and make predictions on future surpluses or shortages. The cash flow forecasting process can be time-consuming and rife with manual errors. With heightened demand, your teams must have access to the most accurate and timely financial data at all times so they can make data-driven decisions. With IA, you get:

  • Real-time visibility: Get accurate insights into cash balances, pending payments and receivables.
  • Cash forecasting: Leverage historical cash flow data to forecast future cash flows with greater accuracy.
  • Scenario analysis: Conduct scenario analysis by simulating different business outcomes and their potential impact on cash flow. This helps identify potential risks and opportunities to help you develop contingency plans.
  • Working capital management: Reduce the time between invoicing and payment to minimize payment delays, improve cash flow liquidity and help maintain optimal cash reserves for future needs.
  • System integration: Integrate your IA seamlessly with financial planning and analysis systems to help set realistic goals.

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