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offboarding automation - when employees leave the business

When an Employee Leaves the Organization

When an employee leaves an organization, they take a lot of valuable information with them, and not always on purpose. People tend to carry a lot of “how-to’s” and “best practices” in their heads when they go. Without the proper handoff, that information can be lost – and with it, time for those employees who have to figure it out without any direction. Beyond this, there’s also the risk of data leakages and lost or missing equipment. To prevent this, you should look at transforming this HR process with offboarding automation.

Automate the Offboarding Process

You can automate the entire offboarding procedure for departing employees with intelligent automation (IA), which combines robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) and business process management (BPM) to perform the step-by-step tasks within your offboarding workflows. Intelligent automation for HR protects data security by preventing unauthorized access once an employee leaves to reduce the risk of costly non-compliance.

Streamline the Employee Offboarding Process

Offboarding challenges
Offboarding automation
Offboarding Automation - Challenges

Offboarding challenges

Staff turnover can be a time-consuming and drawn-out process for your HR department. Manual tasks like these can be prone to error, leaving your organization at risk for property loss or data leakages. All offboarding procedures should comply with regulations, protecting you and ensuring fair treatment of your employees. And finally, processes such as exit interviews are key to understanding where the organization can improve. Without automation, offboarding can result in:

  • Security threats.
  • Confusion or hurt feelings.
  • Negative employee morale.
  • Inconsistencies.
  • Data breaches.
  • Lost or missing assets.

HR Automation Results


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Automate Employee Offboarding to Ensure Consistency and Compliance

Benefits of Offboarding Automation

Protect data and equipment

Reduce data loss or theft by building offboarding automation that notifies the relevant person in real-time if there is a breach. This also helps protect your organization’s intellectual property by ensuring propriety information is safely handed over and all accounts and applications are closed on time.

Positive employee relationships

A well-orchestrated employee onboarding and offboarding process offers a positive, equal and consistent experience. It ensures people get the support and fair treatment they deserve, which can also benefit employee morale for those still there.

Reduce legal risks

Ensure all proprietary systems or software are protected by automatically removing offboarded employees’ access. IA ensures offboarding processes adhere to regulations and compliance standards, minimizing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

Streamline admin tasks

Offboarding an employee shouldn’t cause headaches. IA can streamline tasks such as revoking system access and collecting company property. This allows HR staff to focus on strategic work rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Collect data insights

Automated offboarding systems can generate insights into employee turnover patterns and reasons for departure and help identify areas in the offboarding process that require improvement or rework. This can enable your HR to improve employee transitions in the future.

Check all the boxes

IA runs consistently and accurately through each step of your offboarding process. You won’t miss key areas with digital workers checking everything is completed correctly and on time. Run your automation schedule exit interviews, ensure payroll and benefits are up to date and so on.

Offboarding Workflows to Automate

Intelligent automation serves to improve consistency and streamline processes by reducing manual work. Let’s explore the use cases of IA & RPA in HR, specifically employee offboarding.

Access management
Asset retrieval
Notification and communication
Exit interviews
Offboarding checklist management
Documentation and compliance
Alumni network engagement

Access management

Automatically revoke access to company systems, networks and software applications following an employee’s departure. This means that former employees can’t access sensitive information or systems after they leave, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Hear From Our Customers in HR

Intelligent automation is not only helping improve the colleague experience for us, but it’s also keeping us legal and compliant with legislation in the U.K. For me, these two things demonstrate the power of the technology.”

Scott Worth

pePerformance and productivity improvement manager, Central England Co-operative

What took a person a minimum of six weeks to complete during the onboarding process, we got done with SS&C Blue Prism digital workers in just two days. This has increased employee satisfaction and gets new starters working more quickly.” 

Silvina Montemartini

Head of RPA, Santander

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