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Why should you automate employee training and development

Why You Should Automate Employee Development

Employee training is a vital piece of any organization, yet oftentimes, it’s the first thing to be forgotten or pushed aside. By implementing an automated learning management system (LMS), your human resources (HR) department can better keep track of employee upskilling and empower your staff to grow and develop their career path. It’s time to transform HR operations with a digital workforce.

How Employee Training Automation Works

Automated LMS and e-learning allow your HR team to gather feedback on employees’ learning and development and identify where changes can be useful. Powered by intelligent automation (IA), you can help your employees thrive and develop. Don’t let your existing human resources sit forgotten. People are at the core of every organization, and people-centric HR can help you avoid employee churn, boost morale and continuously upskill your employees so they can do more for their positions.

What Automated Employee Training Can Do

User management
Intelligent automation
LMS features
Employee Training Automation - User Management

User management

With an automated employee training system, you can easily add users to a pre-defined grouping based on their job position. When learning opportunities emerge for this person, the digital worker automatically sends a notification of any new courses assigned. If the employee forgets to complete a mandatory course, the system will send reminders until it is marked complete.

Results From HR Automation

85 %

Faster onboarding

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1 minute 

to update new staff data 

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250k hrs 

saved annually 

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Benefits of Automated Employee Training


By automating employee training, you can reduce duplication, errors and missed training opportunities – and that, in turn, saves your organization money. Plus, by upskilling your existing employees, you’re utilizing your human resources in the best possible way.

Improved training

Adjust training activities to suit your employees’ workloads, skillsets and career goals. Employee training automation can even offer surveys to collect feedback on training processes so HR can continuously improve the program.

Better HR

Your HR managers can instantly access data on how employee training is going and whether anyone is lagging in their skills. This data is incredibly useful for designing flexible and engaging training programs and courses for the future.

Higher engagement

HR Automation allows you to schedule training events throughout the year and keep momentum going for your employees. It empowers people to upskill and keeps them engaged with new learning opportunities.

Morale boost

Whether newly onboarded employees or those who’ve been in the organization for a while, automated training management can help make employees feel knowledgeable and prepared to pursue their roles. By keeping their work interesting, they’re more likely to stay.


A back-office digital workforce is flexible to your organization’s needs, just as an automated training system is agile to your people’s needs. Expand people’s knowledge base and free your HR staff for higher-value work.

Where You Can Automate Employee Learning

Promoting learning and development opportunities for your teams can help drive your organization’s long-term success. It empowers employees to upskill and encourages employee retention and loyalty by helping them build their careers. Let’s explore some IA use cases in HR and employee training.

Employee onboarding
Customer service
Employee development
Product management

Employee onboarding

New employees can access a wealth of knowledge and continue upskilling as they grow with your organization. IA can be applied to:

  • Delivering company information on products, services and culture.
  • Collecting employee information to update HR software.
  • Identifying skills, interests and talents.
  • Delivering communications and scheduling meetings.
  • Gathering performance data.

Hear From Our HR Automation Customers

I’m proud that our automation program has resulted in efficiency gains and time given back to employees, which allows them time to think and align with our core value to ‘find a better way.’”

Edwin Douglass

VP for transformation and shared services, Equinix

SS&C Blue Prism Chorus BPM has helped us create a best-in-class customer experience. It’s enabled us to deliver clear, concise communication and to process work quickly, which is what drives more clients, and more agents, to do business with us.”

Kylie Gormly

VP of customer experience, SILAC

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