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How Expense Management Automation Works

How Expense Management Automation Works

Manual expense management is time-consuming and inefficient. But with automation, you can eliminate errors and slowdowns caused by manual data entry, giving your human resources (HR) and finance departments more time for higher-value work. Get rid of the clunky spreadsheets and paper receipts – digitize and automate your expense management workflow.

Introducing an Automated Expense Management System

With intelligent automation (IA), you can streamline the entire process of recording, managing and approving expenses without all the paperwork. An automated expense management system allows your employees to capture their receipts digitally with a photo or scan and upload them directly to your expense application. Once they’ve compiled the expenses and submitted the request, it’s sent directly to your finance team. If there are any errors, the system will flag these and trace them back to their origin.

Expenses Are Easier With Automation

Manual reporting
Automate it
Intelligent processes
Manual Expense Management Reporting

Manual reporting

Manual expense reports require employees to keep track of receipts, credit card bills and documents. Traditionally, employees would submit every single expense request individually at the end of the month and wait for their manager’s approval – which can be slow – before being forwarded to the finance department for repayment. This can leave employees waiting a long time for reimbursement, which can cause frustration. This paper-reliant process also means receipts can be lost and data entry mistakes are likely. Go to the next tab to discover the solution.

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Automate Expense Management With SS&C Blue Prism

The Benefits of Automated Expense Management

Eliminates paperwork

Say goodbye to heaps of receipts and error-prone processes and hello to digital reporting with a fully auditable trail. Automation removes paperwork-heavy processes, enabling employees to submit local and global business travel expenses at any time using their mobile phone.


A pre-built automation solution with a user-friendly interface allows anyone in your team to easily submit their travel and business expenses in the online system and get their reimbursement sooner. It works across systems, it’s quick to set up and low maintenance to run.

Better compliance

Maintain compliance and travel expense policies with an automated system flagging any unusual behavior or missing information immediately. Digital workers track and ensure compliance for every transaction, so nothing slips through the cracks. Avoid policy violations and human error with IA.

Increased visibility

An expense management system can provide extensive reports on any expenses, trips, policy violations, reimbursements, etc. In only a few clicks, you can view an expense management report showing all this data in real-time, helping improve transparency, monitor cash flow and track expenses at all times.

Prevents fraud

Expense theft can happen, and the chaos of manual expense reporting leaves your organization vulnerable. IA helps your teams control the reporting environment by automatically picking up duplicate entries (where the same expense is submitted twice) and notifying both the submitter and the expense approver.

Faster approval and payment

Manual approval workflows are inefficient, requiring managers and accountants to review each expense report before passing it to the next person. This can delay reimbursement, which is frustrating for the employee. An automated system streamlines this entire workflow while flagging any mistakes early on.

Expenses Automation in Action

When reimbursing employees, the submission and approval process requires a lot of steps: creating an expense report, sending it to a manager for approval, forwarding that approval to the finance department and manually keying the information into the system – all before reimbursing your employee. Let’s explore the IA use cases in HR expense management.

Expense reporting
Policy compliance
Approval workflow
Software integration
Tracking and analytics
Travel management
Employee reimbursement

Expense reporting

Employees can easily submit expenses using a mobile app or web interface, reducing the time spent on paperwork and manual data entry.

Our Customers Love IA

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we partnered with our corporate accounting team, who was outsourcing much of our day-to-day transactional processing. By deploying a team of digital workers, we were able to automate over 75% of that work, eliminating the need for an outsourced partner. In the end, we are doing the same work faster, cheaper and more accurately than the outsourced partner.”

Josh Tieman

Director, enterprise productivity and intelligent automation, H&R Block

The digital workforce program has over-delivered in its efforts to introduce RPA within the enterprise, resulting in reduced operating costs, increased backroom efficiencies and a greater competitive advantage.”

T.J. Theodore

IT fellow, digital workforce architect, Raytheon Company

Intelligent automation has delivered massive savings in average handle time for lease renewals and freed up the accounting group. This process was a big component in their overall goal to reduce their end-of-month close of books by one day, which is a big accomplishment for accounting functions.”

Adrian Carmichael

Manager, intelligent automation, H&R Block

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