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How Procure-to-pay automation works

How Procure-to-Pay Automation Works

Procure-to-pay (P2P) automation will help you streamline and control every step of your P2P processes, from requisition to vendor payments. P2P automation streamlines the workflows that create and approve purchase requisitions, improving purchase order (PO) processing, vendor and contract management, and invoice approvals processes.

The Intelligent Automation Solution

Intelligent automation (IA) streamlines your procure-to-pay processes and reduces human errors by taking over the repetitive, manual processes that are burdening your accounting and procurement team. At the core of IA lives three critical components: robotic process automation (RPA) for handling routine tasks; artificial intelligence (AI) for cognitive thinking; and business process management (BPM) for orchestrating people, digital workers and processes.

How Can IA Reinvigorate Your Accounts Payable Processes?

Procure-to-pay processes
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Procure-to-pay processes

Every stage of P2P work requires attention to detail, but complex and time-consuming tasks make it difficult for teams to keep up. Bottlenecks caused by system errors, slowdowns and rework due to errors lead to delays and even more work for your people.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Results


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Successfully Automate Your Procure-to-Pay Workflow

The Benefits of Automating Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Lightning productivity

IA reduces the time your teams spend manually sending our purchase orders or reconciling invoices. This frees them to work on higher-value, strategic work like helping your organization thrive. Orchestrate your people, processes and digital workers to boost productivity.

Nurture supplier relationships

IA helps you avoid missed or delayed payments. With an automated P2P process, you can consistently deliver purchase orders, invoices and follow-up communications – on time every time. Facilitate faster onboarding, accurate order fulfillment and prompt invoice settlement.

Bigger savings

IA helps you allocate resources better by automating the tasks that don’t require human intervention and allowing your people to focus on more strategic work. That leads to cost savings thanks to lower labor costs, fewer errors and faster processing times.

Streamlined workflows

Automated P2P processes streamline workflows, eliminate manual tasks and reduce cycle times, resulting in faster order fulfillment, invoice processing and payment cycles. This enhances overall operational efficiency and productivity for a higher return on investment (ROI).

Crystal-clear transparency

Get real-time visibility into the status of purchase orders, invoices and payments, enabling stakeholders to track transactions, monitor performance and identify bottlenecks. Gain informed decision-making and enhance collaboration between your teams.

Dodge risks

Automated P2P processes reduce the risk of errors, fraud and non-compliance associated with manual interventions. By enforcing controls, detecting anomalies and monitoring transactions, automation enhances risk management capabilities and strengthens internal controls.

Where You Can Apply Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Automation

Put your back-office automation to the test in your accounts payable workflows. Streamline everything from invoices to supplier management with IA’s consistent and accurate output. Your entire procurement process – purchase requisitions, selecting and negotiating with suppliers, creating and sending POs, receiving and processing invoices, making payments and more – can be improved with intelligent automation.

Invoice processing
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Purchase orders

Invoice processing

Invoice automation might seem like a small part of your organization, but its impact can be monumental across your business. Approving and paying invoices tends to be a long, drawn-out process, especially for teams juggling a huge number of orders. Automated invoice processing involves capturing invoice data through optical character recognition (OCR) technology, validating it against purchase orders and contracts, and routing it for approval. This enhances:

  • The invoice approval cycle
  • Error flagging
  • Financial visibility

Here’s How Much Our Customers Love Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Automation

Equinix has embraced digital transformation to increase the efficiencies of our processes without compromising accuracy. We partnered with SS&C Blue Prism, ABBYY and WonderBotz to establish a streamlined and scalable accounts payables process.”

Jaideep Vijayakar

Director of finance strategy and transformation, Equinix

Since we upgraded to our second version of the Decipher it's made a huge difference to our business. That was the one driver: we moved over to SAP and we can do a lot of development in SAP with SS&C Blue Prism. We also combined OCR and RPA to create these awesome processes.”

Jaco Pieterse

Business solutions manager, Life Healthcare

One of the greatest benefits of this insourcing project has been getting the knowledge back in-house. Our employees can focus on refining the processes while the digital workers take on the manual tasks.”

Nina Winther Jensen

Head of business process management, Nuuday

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