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HR Recruitment & Hiring Automation

How Recruitment Automation Works

Human resources (HR) departments are inundated with tons of transactional work. The manual tasks involved in hiring and new employee onboarding can slow down recruitment and make organizations miss out on the best candidates. Intelligent automation (IA) combines robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM) and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce these time-consuming recruiting tasks, find the right person for the job sooner and reduce employee churn. Streamline HR with an intelligent digital workforce.

IA Helps You Hire the Best

Digital workers scan job applications, highlight qualified candidates and then route them to an HR employee. With faster turnover times to reach out to applicants, you won’t miss out on the best talent. And once they’re hired, IA gives your new employee a great first impression, with access to the facilities, computers and software they need from day one.

How Can Automation Create People-Centric HR?

Streamline recruitment
Automate manual tasks
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Streamline Recruitment with Automation

Streamline recruitment

Recruiting and hiring automation allows you to automate recruiting workflows, which increases productivity, reduces the cost of hiring and augments your talent acquisition. Make it easier for your people to hire the right candidates the first time around. Eliminate tasks reliant on manually scanning through individual CVs and resumes, standardize interviews and simplify the negotiation process with HR automation. The first step starts with the first impression.

Hiring and Recruiting Automation Results


faster staff onboarding

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1 minute

to update new staff data

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250k hrs

saved annually

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Automate Hiring and Recruiting to Augment Your Team

Key Benefits of Recruiting Automation Software

Cost-to-hire savings

Automation eliminates inefficiency by reducing manual recruiting systems. Digital workers handle CV and resume screening, application tracking and candidate assessments so recruiters can meet with qualified candidates. IA tools efficiently sort vast databases to accelerate the entire process.

Faster candidate sourcing

Fill open positions sooner by reducing the time to hire and engage with candidates. Digital workers scan a large pool of potential talent and match them to your desired criteria. Perform automated background checks, interview scheduling and letters of employment to onboard your new hires sooner.

Better quality candidates

It’s impossible to meaningfully engage with every job application manually, especially when sourcing a high volume of candidates. Recruiting automation helps highlight the best-fit candidates to engage with, enabling you to hire the right talent – before your competition gets them first.

Reduced manual work

Digital workers perform the manual, laborious task of sourcing and screening candidates. This allows your HR team to spend more time examining which candidates will best fit your organization and ensuring new hires feel welcome and have all the equipment and access channels they need to get started.

Consistent hiring experience

Establish a consistent hiring workflow with automated steps for interview processes, offer letters, approvals, etc. Ensure your new employees get everything they need from the start. Help them onboard sooner and ensure they don’t miss their first paycheck, benefits enrollment or equipment approvals.

Streamlined communications

Candidates are interviewing their potential employers too, so good communication is critical. Automated recruiting tools can give prompt and accessible communication, reducing back-and-forth. IA can automatically schedule interviews, emails, follow-ups, introductions and offer letters.

Recruiting Automation Technologies in Action

A digital workforce can completely transform your hiring and recruiting processes, getting your organization the most qualified candidates based on your specifications. From candidate sourcing, augmenting hiring decisions and helping recruit top talent, IA can streamline work for your people and help give your new employees a great onboarding experience. Explore IA use cases in HR with SS&C Blue Prism.

Job board postings
Application tracking
Recruiting process
Interviewing process

Job board postings

IA can automatically place recruitment advertisements across the available job boards to help your recruiting team gain maximum traction in their candidate sourcing.

Digital workers can automatically:

  • Gather candidate data from various job portals.
  • Post job openings to multiple boards simultaneously.
  • Schedule job postings to go live at optimal times to increase reach.
  • Scan resumes to match keywords and skills with job requirements.
  • Give personalized responses to candidates submitting applications.

What Our Customers Think About Recruiting Automation

We’ve taken a process that might take somebody 30-45 minutes to complete, down to one to two minutes – and it’s more accurate!”

Dr. Lloyd McCann

Head of digital health, HHL

What took a person a minimum of six weeks to complete during the onboarding process, we got done with SS&C Blue Prism digital workers in just two days. This has increased employee satisfaction and gets new starters working more quickly.”

Silvina Montemartini

Head of RPA, Santander

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