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Authorized Training Partners

Our Authorized Training Partners provide SS&C Blue Prism training.

Our Training Partners Deliver Word-Class RPA Courses

Our worldwide Training Partner network delivers standard and flexible, role-based, customized training programs for SS&C Blue Prism RPA software and our Robotic Operating Model (ROM) to grow the knowledge and experience of best practices used in delivering a digital workforce. All instructors are SS&C Blue Prism University certified and have completed all the necessary training and have met stringent technical certification requirements.


Instructor Led Training

Our Training Partners provide Instructor led training either in the classroom or virtually.

Certified Instructors

Our Authorized Training Partners have SS&C Blue Prism Certified Instructors to lead you through each course, providing extra support along the way.

Courses in Local Languages

Many of our Authorized Training Partners provide courses in different languages other than English to give you an added advantage to learning about our products.

Training by Experts

Our training partners provide hands on experience to enhance your learning of SS&C Blue Prism.

Benefits of Becoming an Authorized Training Partner

The partner training program prepares learners to achieve the most desirable, industry recognized certifications available. The Instructor-led training courses are delivered via the classroom or virtually.