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SS&C Blue Prism and IBM

Empowering Your Enterprise With Extreme Automation

About our alliance

IBM and SS&C Blue Prism have partnered to enable businesses with extreme intelligent automation capabilities across industries including Insurance, Banking, Public Sector, Healthcare Services and others. Extreme automation helps organizations digitize processes across the enterprise to improve customer and employee outcomes and deliver transformational business value.

Driving Extreme Automation

IBM and SS&C Blue Prism provide intelligent automation solutions to global enterprises, enabling our customers to move from simple task automation to automation at scale. We’re committed to digitally transforming end-to-end, mission-critical business and IT processes to improve customer outcomes and empower employees.

Our objective is to help businesses adopt extreme automation through a unified (hybrid) workforce of people and digital workers, ensuring the right resource for the right task for the best business outcomes. A unified workforce helps drive adaptive and flexible business models with a focus on enhancing efficiency and productivity.

As one of the largest Managed Service Providers (MSPs) of SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions, with service offerings in more than 20 countries, IBM is well placed to help drive extreme automation.

Meeting High Quality Service Standards

IBM is an SS&C Blue Prism Certified Gold Service Provider and a Certified Gold Delivery Provider, an elite distinction that not only indicates IBM has met stringent and comprehensive standards for robotic process automation (RPA) delivery, but it also provides customers with the confidence that SS&C Blue Prism’s high-quality service standards are met and expertise is utilized when deploying SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform.

Intelligent automation is no doubt a game changer. Enabling enterprises to increase productivity, become more competitive, and address change is so important in this current climate. Through our ongoing commitment to SS&C Blue Prism, we continue to synchronize and extend our solution set globally to help our clients infuse automation into their processes and drive competitive advantage.”
Tom Ivory Vice President, Global Leader, Automation Innovation Unit, IBM

We Have Your Industry Covered

Public Sector

We’re committed to helping the public and government sectors to rethink their approach to modernization and improve the quality and speed of citizen services.


We’re enabling the banking industry to help build new business models that can respond effectively to consumer needs with intelligent automation at scale.


We’re helping the healthcare industry to transform patient experiences by implementing intelligent automation across the organization.


We’re driving extreme automation in the insurance industry to meet strategic business priorities, support their people and create exceptional customer experiences.

Energy and Utilities

We’re helping the energy and utility industry to improve customer satisfaction and lower operating costs while remaining competitive and meeting stringent regulations and compliance standards.

Automotive Industry

We’re bringing enhanced customer satisfaction with increased productivity and efficiency to multinational automotive companies.

Extreme Automation Is Driving Impact for Our Clients Across Industries

Veterans Affairs Takes a Phased Approach

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has a broad vision for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with automation — and it’s going to get there one step at a time.

The first step was the deployment of a digital worker to process the standard packets of incoming mail. Using OCR and SS&C Blue Prism intelligent automation platform, this digital worker can handle more than 30% of daily incoming mail packets. The next phase is to manage an additional category of more complex cases, taking the percentage handled by automation up to 60%. The effect on veterans has been immediate, with the claims intake lead time reduced from 15 days to 1. The capacity created allows the current workforce to be retrained for higher-value, citizen-facing roles.

The journey doesn’t stop there — over time, data-driven insights and machine learning will increase the ability to act upon trends, react more quickly to national events and automate even more of this process.

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Consumer Goods Giant Thinks Big and Stays Focused

IBM partnered with this global organization to use analytics to inform use case identification and prioritization. This analysis is refreshed periodically so the program stays aligned with evolving business needs.

Automation has been used to re-engineer dozens of other workflows across IT, finance and supply chain. An extensive reskilling program has accompanied the technical implementation.

Deployed automation is being monitored within our Automation Operations Command Center — so the business of managing the automation itself is automated. In some areas, 100% of the workflow has been automated and we’re seeing 0% error rates in those new workflows.

This is a wide-ranging automation program that fits the description of ’extreme’ in the way it has encompassed business and IT — with dozens of digital workers being deployed — and the use of analytics to drive ongoing automation and optimization.

IBM SS&C Blue Prism Partner Excellence 2022

IBM Won Two Awards at SS&C Blue Prism Partner Excellence 2022

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