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Blue Prism Vision

In a world of digital transformation - a strong foundation is needed with workflow, encryption, control, audit and analytics utilizing connected robots to form a digital workforce. We’re creating the future of work with an on-demand, intelligent, autonomous digital workforce that is connected an...

What does the future of work look like?

A look at the positive impact of software robots on the workforce from Chris Lamberton at EY. By automating the repetitive and mundane, RPA is empowering humans to focus, innovate and drive change.

What are the potential pitfalls and challenges organisations need to consider when implementing RPA?

Chris Lamberton from EY looks at how RPA should be applied in order to avoid common pitfalls. By combining RPA with other tools (including AI capabilities), Chris outlines how organization can maximize their opportunity.

Is RPA a strategic and competitive differentiator?

EY is one of Blue Prism’s biggest users in the world which has resulted in not only cost reduction, but better compliance, faster processing and agility. What once took 5 days to onboard a new client at EY can now be done overnight with Blue Prism. Chris Lamberton outlines how RPA at scale can tr...

Why is RPA resonating with C-suite executives?

Chris Lamberton from EY explains how the C-suite is embracing RPA to drive the “art of the possible”. The value of RPA is becoming very real and apparent to executives looking to drive a digital transformation beyond cost cutting.

How Important is the relationship with Blue Prism to EY?

As one of our largest Blue Prism customers and partners, EY’s Chris Lamberton discusses the importance of this relationship.

Why is RPA mission critical to EY’s clients?

Chris Lamberton outlines how RPA is enabling organizations to leverage the IT resources they have while being more agile, competitive and customer centric.

Understanding why RPA adoption is set for hyper-growth

Chris Lamberton from EY outlines how RPA is becoming the “bedrock” for executing and bringing about a true digital transformation. Market adoption being driven by organizations becoming more and more ambitious about what this technology can do.

Blue Prism Pulse NYC Panel Discussion

Watch highlights of the panel discussion at Blue Prism Pulse NYC with speakers from Forrester, Citizens Bank and Jon E. Theuerkauf, Former Managing Director, Head of Performance Excellence, BNY Mellon discuss the state of RPA today and what’s on the horizon.

Blue Prism Pulse London Vox Pops

Hear from BT, Wunderman and Lloyds Banking Group about what they think about Blue Prism’s RPA Robots.