Latest Videos

Part one: Intro to the Robotic Operating Model

Find out why you should introduce a Robotic Operating Model to support your RPA role out.

Part two: ROM People

Defining the roles and responsibilities, supporting the selection of candidates for all roles and defining training/mentoring approach for the Blue Prism delivery and support teams.

Part three: Policies and procedures

Defining the organizational design that best supports delivery of the RPA capability and aligns with corporate strategy and culture.

Part four: Technical infrastructure

Defining a highly scalable and maintainable technical architecture and associated strategies to ensure the environment is being set up to allow maximum business benefit.

Part five: Delivery hints and tips

Defining the optimal delivery strategy and embedding policies for rapid and efficient delivery of Blue Prism processes in a structured, controlled and repeatable manner.

Part six: Testing using production data

Defining your model for testing RPA.

Part seven: Supporting services

Setting up the engagement model required to support operational processes while defining the management, reporting, scheduling and referral handling processes for business as usual.

Part eight: Cultural adoption and summary

An insight in to how others have adopted RPA in their organisation.