Dave Moss, CTO and Co-founder delivers TEDx talk on Robotic Process Automation

About the video:

We are all familiar with physical, industrial robots, but what about robots that work in offices? In fact, they are already taking up posts around the world alongside their human counterparts. What opportunities does the Virtual Workforce present, and why are organisations choosing them to facilitate better service, faster growth and to react more quickly to market opportunities? This talk examines the art of the possible and how a Virtual Workforce can increase both the job satisfaction of human workers and transform the way that enterprises and global service providers deliver value.

David Moss is CTO and Co-founder of Blue Prism Limited, a UK tech company formed in 2001 to pursue the dream of delivering the vision of robotics into the oce environment. David is a technologist and thought leader in the Robotic Process Automation movement and a pioneer in the creation of the Virtual Workforce concept.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Topics covered:

  • How service industries are restricting their growth
  • Importance of increasing productivity
  • Humans working on mundane repetitive tasks
  • Lessons from sectors using robotics and automation well
  • How to apply lessons to service industries
  • Speed automation technology is evolving
  • How could a robot help an office
  • Taking the Robot out of the human
  • How can we harness people’s talent better
  • The Virtual Workforce
  • Benefits for all