AI: The reality

Is this the first combustion engine in the age of AI? What\'s the timeline and how much does it really cost to implement these emerging technologies? Businesses can implement automation projects to create the business case to experiment with innovative technologies.

AI and the changing role of the CIO

How does artificial intelligence change the role of the CIO and the IT department? Automation technologies can help CIOs drive value for their organizations, taking the insight that\'s available and supporting business challenges.

AI and HR

What impact does automation have on the HR department? Robots can support HR departments to better know their people, and can have a positive impact on day-to-day responsibilities such as recruitment and performance reviews, to bigger strategic issues such as diversity.

The real impact of AI on jobs

What is the real impact on jobs? There is a lot of speculation in the media. Automation technologies are changing the way we work, and jobs are made of a combination of skills, some of which can\'t be replicated by machines. Robots can help support humans and take away the routine tasks. There ar...

The augmented human

Should people be concerned about the impact AI will have on their lives? In tomorrow\'s workplace robots and humans will coexist and work together, enabling us to have more meaningful, higher value work. Human centred AI is used to augment what employees are doing. There\'s no need to be afraid -...

The Rules of Engagement

What are the rules of engagement for robots and how do we ensure it doesn’t physically harm people? We have a chance to define the rules of engagement with AI and put robust digital ethical frameworks in place.

Blue Prism certification: Maintaining the highest RPA standards, every time

Blue Prism’s certification process plays a key role in maintaining the quality and integrity of Deloitte’s automation services for its clients – and that’s crucial for delivering the right value from your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation.Sridhar Rajan, Principal, US Lead and Gl...

How RPA improves your customer interactions, at scale

What will your organization’s customer interactions look like in five years’ time? Deloitte believes that the vast majority of processes will have Robotic Process Automation (RPA) built in as standard. So, in the near future, a large portion of your customer processes will be completed automatica...

Understanding the goal behind your RPA deployment

Technology in itself doesn’t drive change – it’s the strategic objective behind the use of the technology that’s the real game changer. As a case in point, a successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has little to do with the technology itself – what’s important is your overal...

The value-add of RPA for business leaders and the C-suite executives

Business leaders gravitate towards technologies that can deliver tangible value – and that’s a key reason for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) resonating so strongly at C-suite level when it comes to scalability.Sridhar Rajan, Principal, US Lead and Global Co-Lead for Robotic and Cognitive Au...