APAC Advisory Partner Director

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About Blue Prism

Blue Prism is an international publicly listed software company headquartered in the UK, with global offices in London, USA, Japan, Australia and India. It is undergoing rapid expansion and is the market leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) globally.

Since its listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM market in early 2016, it has grown its customer base more than threefold with sales revenue, employee headcount and other business metrics also growing at an exciting rate.

Blue Prism operates a 100% indirect sales model, meaning that all deals are transacted through reseller partners, who range from global Systems Integrators such as Accenture, Deloitte, EY and IBM down to smaller, geographically specific, advisory and implementation partners.

About Robotic Process Automation

As the pioneer, innovator and market leader in RPA, Blue Prism delivers the world’s most successful Digital Workforce. The company’s software robots automate transactions and improve operational efficiencies while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and scalability are paramount. Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies and has emerged as the trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500.

Your Opportunity:

Blue Prism works with global firms as their trusted Digital Workforce provider, but we don’t do it alone. Our partners engage with their clients to explain the benefits and provide services to support their implementation of this new kind of labor. As such, much of what our clients hear about Blue Prism is provided to them by the partners that they use to help them grow their business and make strategic decisions in their digital transformation.

Our advisory partners are exceptionally gifted with experienced consultants and visionary leadership that allow them to hold a very special place in the client’s digital transformation journey. As such, they heavily influence their clients with their research and expertise when clients make decisions about their strategic futures. What Blue Prism is looking for is someone with presence to influence the influencer - an Advisory Partner Director to manage partner relationships with several of our high-profile global advisory firms.

Our Ideal Candidate:

Blue Prism is looking for a seasoned relationship manager who can build rapport with many individuals at the most influential levels within our advisory partners. These relationships will allow you to provide positive influential messaging about Blue Prism and its capabilities to support digital transformation efforts that are being developed by our advisory firm and their teams and build the reputation of Blue Prism within these advisors.

You are comfortable traveling to meet with our advisory partners at their offices which are spread across the United States and to work with your counterparts in Europe and Asia to provide coverage for the global efforts that our advisory firms engage in with global clients. Additionally, you are at ease with meeting executive leadership from the most prestigious firms in the world to talk with them about Blue Prism as a digital transformation enabler.

You exhibit sound judgment and share insights that engender trust and confidence among those with whom you collaborate, ranging from partner and client executives to teams of consultants to peers from industry sectors. You will work closely with Blue Prism’s marketing and PR teams to actively promote the messaging and the reputation of the Digital Workforce platform.

Your Experience:

Your Responsibilities:

The Advisory Partner Director will have responsibility for developing and executing partner relations and growth strategies by having deep understanding of the Blue Prism RPA solution. You will facilitate the onboarding and offering Partner account management capability under the direction of Partner solution managers. This position also requires you to develop and execute a partnership strategy for individual advisory partners.

You will also be responsible to travel to meet with your partners face-to-face to deepen the professional rapport with them as well as travel to various industry and Blue Prism specific conferences which may be held throughout the year. Your presence at these events will be essential to support your ability to interact with prospective clients and partners who are looking to understand the value of the Blue Prism platform.

Our team is small, yet growing, so interacting with your peers in various geographies and industry groups will be important to the maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of Blue Prism. With growth comes extraordinary opportunity to make a positive impact on the organization, so we expect that you are ready to contribute to the growth with your ideas, expertise, and vision as we work closely with our advisory partners to influence the influencers.