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4 de fev. de 2020

EXL une forças com o Blue Prism para aprimorar os recursos de automação inteligente (em inglês)

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Partnership lays the foundation for future RPA capabilities that deliver Digital Intelligence

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – February 4, 2020 — Looking to extend and advance intelligent automation capabilities for its enterprise customer base, EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS), a leading Operations Management and Analytics company, today announced a partnership with Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The partnership will see EXL incorporate analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other innovative technologies into Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform.

EXL orchestrates domain knowledge, digital capabilities and artificial intelligence to deliver “Digital Intelligence,” a strategy and approach to deliver customer-centric outcomes that help clients to improve their revenue growth and profitability. The combination of Blue Prism’s connected-RPA with EXL’s Digital Intelligence platform will increase efficiencies by automating mission-critical processes across global operations and enterprise functions in industries such as insurance, healthcare, banking, travel, transport and logistics.

“In insurance, we have accelerated our development of end-to-end intelligent process automation solutions across contact center automation, new business, data-driven underwriting, digital intake, policy management and claims transformation,” said Ahson Pai, Global Head of Digital Consulting, EXL. “We continue to invest heavily in our digital assets and capabilities, and are enthusiastically focused on delivering these deeper transformation solutions to our joint clients.”

EXL’s Digital Consulting practice transforms customer experience by leveraging process excellence, agile delivery models and digital technologies, such as advanced automation, robotics and enterprise architecture. Through this deep partnership with Blue Prism, EXL will further advance its intelligent automation capabilities to include solutions that cover IT environments across premise, cloud, hybrid and SaaS.

“EXL’s talented people and extensive capabilities support our vision of a Digital Workforce for every Enterprise built on our connected-RPA platform,” said Pat Geary, CMO at Blue Prism. “We've seen an alignment in their capabilities with our offerings, especially as we scale our cloud solutions. We look forward to going to market together so we can deliver intelligent automation solutions that drive a true digital transformation."

Please see here for further details on this partnership.

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