Shop Direct Group – Blue Prism Software はセルフサービスのロボット自動化機能を提供します

This case studies explains how Shop Direct Group have used Blue Prism’s “self service” robotic automation technology platform to achieve significant improvements in key back office processes.

Shop Direct have an ongoing goal to make its back office and customer facing functions more efficient and effective. This means seeking to automate back office processes, where feasible, to reduce cost, increase timeliness and enhance the simplicity of its operations, whilst also ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of all that they do.


  • Helped to create an agile operating environment
  • Significant reduction in FTE requirement to administer manual processes, allowing front line staff to be better utilised on valued activity
  • Dramatic improvement in accuracy and ‘right first time’ processing
  • Enabled Shop Direct Group to economically tackle new automation initiatives
  • Rapid response to delivery against tight deadlines
  • Ability to access core applications that were either technically or commercially too difficult to reach
  • No changes or operational impact on existing systems
  • Reduced pressure on stretched IT resources
  • Project delivered on time and to budget


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