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Em inglês: Blue Prism World 2020: A New Kind of RPA Conference

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Blue Prism World 2020 is headed to London on May 5–6 and New York on June 23–24, bringing a new kind of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) conference to our UK and North American customers and partners. This year, as we look forward to delivering a Digital Workforce for Every Enterprise, we’re delighted to feature more immersive RPA learning sessions, hands-on experiences and community networking opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

So, what makes this year’s Blue Prism World so different? Let’s run through the main highlights and explain why our New York and London events should be on your calendar.

Throwing away the event rule book

If you’ve ever been to a large tech conference, then you know the drill: a big main stage, an exhibitors’ hall and a large percentage of your conference time spent listening to keynotes and presentations. While there’s some value to this setup, at Blue Prism, we feel there’s a better way to run a large-scale conference. So, we’re throwing away the event rule book to deliver a brand-new Blue Prism World experience that ensures you get the best possible value from the conference.

We’ve also listened to feedback from attendees of last year’s Blue Prism World and have evolved our 2020 events to scale down the focus on static main stage activity, increasing attendee access to learning sessions and giving you more time to explore the event and interact with customers, prospects, experts and our Blue Prism partners.

Of course, we’ll be maintaining all the activities that made previous Blue Prism World events so successful. So, you’ll be treated to our regular keynote review of Blue Prism’s products and future updates, and you’ll still be able to meet our key sponsors and Blue Prism ecosystem exhibitors.

A focus on RPA learning opportunities and hands-on experiences

Getting you and your team up to speed with the latest RPA functionality and offerings on the digital solutions marketplace in a timely manner can be a challenge. And customer feedback tells us that what most attendees want is more content and sessions that provide an ongoing learning experience.

Our New York and London events will have:

  • More learning sessions – We know that attendees get more value from training sessions than from sitting through extended keynote sessions. So, we’re increasing our focus on learning and providing as many educational opportunities as possible. This won’t be a passive event – you’ll come away full of new automation ideas and tips.
  • Multiple customer tracks – We’ve expanded the number of customer-focused sessions, bringing you many different tracks to choose from, and a range of different sessions to take part in across the course of the New York and London shows.
  • New ‘Learn and Hack’ sessions – For the more technically minded attendees, we’re running a host of ‘Learn and Hack’ sessions, enabling you to get hands-on experience with the software solutions and increasing your practical RPA capabilities.
  • Spend less time watching the mainstage – We’re moving away from a mainstage focus, so you spend less time sitting and more time exploring every facet of the conference. Large digital screens across the event will frequently update you on the latest sessions, news and event updates, so you’re able to stay in the loop wherever you are in the venue.
  • Enjoy more time exploring The Partner Village– The Partner Village is our event hub and includes all our sponsoring partner booths, Learning Lounges and the Blue Prism team stand. You can mingle with our sponsors, chat with the Blue Prism team and network with other attendees and customers. This will be the beating heart of the event, and the key destination once you arrive at the show.
  • Get fully interactive with the technology – Knowing and understanding best practices in RPA is a definite benefit, but you’ll get far more value from your technology when you get hands-on with the software tools. So, we’re encouraging attendees to explore our product demos, try out the latest partner solutions, and get hands-on with real-world products.

A more immersive conference experience

For our 2020 events, we want attendees to explore everything the conference has to offer, and this means getting interactive, more mobile and making Blue Prism World a far more immersive and accessible experience for all our customers and partners.

To achieve this newly interactive approach, attendees will:

Book your Blue Prism World tickets now

If you’re looking to give your organization a competitive advantage, understanding the tools and resources it takes to succeed in automation and digital transformation is essential. Blue Prism World is the ideal place to ramp up your RPA knowledge and start or continue your automation journey.

Tickets for New York and London will disappear fast, so now’s the time to register and reserve your place at the world’s leading RPA and digital transformation conference. We’ll be revealing more about our customer track sessions and event agenda over the coming weeks, so sign up for updates and stay in the Blue Prism World loop.

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Tickets for New York will go on sale on Feb 26.