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Version 5

Our story is about transforming how work gets done. When Blue Prism first began, we looked for business-led solutions with humans training software bots. But as we evolved, we looked at the wider scope – at the governance. In 2012 we coined the term robotic process automation (RPA), and from there, we are continuously expanding our portfolio and looking towards the future.

2023 - Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant™️ Leader!

It's the fifth year in a row SS&C Blue Prism is a Leader in the Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant™️ for RPA, recognized for our Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

2024 - Next Gen Platform Launched

SS&C Blue Prism releases the Next Generation platform, SS&C Everywhere data solutions, Capture 4.0 and Director.

2021 - Version 7 Launched

Blue Prism Version 7 is released with Process Intelligence and Decision. Blue Prism Ventures launches with the first in South Korea.

2022 - SS&C Acquisition

Blue Prism is acquired by SS&C, becoming SS&C Blue Prism to enhance its position as a software and services leader to the financial and healthcare sectors. Blue Prism Version 7.1 and Desktop are released.

2019 - PDT Tool Launched, Thoughtonomy

Blue Prism launches a Process Discovery Tool and acquires Thoughtonomy, becoming Blue Prism Cloud + Blue Prism DX. Blue Prism University and Learning Edition are launched.

2020 - ROM2 Launches, Jason Kingdon CEO

Blue Prism moves beyond RPA to deliver a new class of enterprise software with Decipher, Interact, Process Assessment Tool, Capture, ALM and ROM2. Jason Kingdon becomes the new CEO.

2017 - Version 6 Launched, Global

Blue Prism Version 6 is released, and offices are opened across Sydney, Tokyo and Bangalore. Austin, Texas is established at the U.S. headquarters.

2018 - Cloud Migration

Blue Prism operates on the cloud and launches the largest intelligent automation marketplace, known as the Digital Exchange (DX). Blue Prism expands its offices into Munich, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong.

2014 - Version 4 Launched, ROM

Blue Prism Version 4 is released, and the Blue Prism Framework substantially expands to become the Robotic Operating Model (ROM)

2016 - Version 5 Launched, IPO Debut

Blue Prism Version 5 is released, and Blue Prism makes its IPO debut on the London Stock Exchange

2012 - Robotic Process Automation

CMO and Chief Evangelist Pat Geary coins the phrase “robotic process automation” (RPA), effectively inventing the industry

2013 - U.S. Office Open

Blue Prism establishes its first U.S. office, later named a Gartner Cool Vendor

2009 - Forums Introduced

Global customer forums are introduced

2011 - Framework Released

The Blue Prism Framework is released and rolled out to new BP customers

2005 - Version 2 Launched

Blue Prism Version 2 is released as a scalable automation solution

2008 - Version 3 Launched

Blue Prism opens its London Office and Blue Prism Version 3 is released

2001 - Foundation

Blue Prism is founded and automation is conceptualized

2003 - Automate

The first commercial product “Automate” is released