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How IT Automation Works

How IT Automation Works

Information technology (IT) automation software uses digital workers to automate triggers and actions. This streamlines work and reduces manual processes for your overburdened IT team. An automation platform helps you better adhere to compliance policies, giving you greater transparency with activity tracking and flagging security vulnerabilities. Empower your business users to get their IT requests addressed quickly with the help of a digital worker, or enable citizen developers with low-code workflow automation. Save time and free up resources; improve your IT workflow with intelligent automation (IA) at the wheel.

Automation Technologies for IT Solutions

With robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), intelligent document processing (IDP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as your intelligent automation tools, you can connect disparate systems and orchestrate work.

How Can You Make IT Operations Better?

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How Can IT Automation Make Operations Better

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Time-consuming tasks and outdated systems slow down IT operations. Processing tasks manually can leave your organization vulnerable to security risks. Meanwhile, communications break down due to your IT teams being overworked and unable to react to the demand from the rest of the business. Your IT operations need an overhaul to help free up capacity and better support your employees.

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The Benefits of IT Automated Workflows

Onboarding with ease

Put your new hire onboard into warp drive with IA. IT automation processes can ensure your new employees get access to all the apps and equipment they need on day one so they can be more productive and your IT team isn’t bombarded with tons of service requests.

Prompt incident resolution

IA detects and responds to incidents in real time, often before they impact end users. Automated processes like incident response workflows can troubleshoot and resolve common issues quickly, minimizing downtime and reducing the burden on IT support teams.

Streamlined service delivery

An automated system can streamline service delivery such as provisioning and configuration management. By automating new infrastructure and app deployments, your IT operations can deliver services more rapidly and consistently while reducing the risk of human error.

From boring to brilliant

Business process automation eliminates those repetitive tasks weighing your employees down, allowing more time for valuable and impactful work. By automating business processes, you’ll improve transparency in your workflows, which can facilitate better decision-making.

Enforced security

IT automation processes can strengthen security by automatically enforcing policies, detecting and flagging anomalies, and responding to real-time cybersecurity incidents. Automated security measures can help mitigate risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Let the Automated Work Flow

With low- or no-code development, you can empower non-tech business users to help your IT team, using pre-built application programming interface (API) automation connectors and writing automation scripts to deploy and scale your digital workforce quickly and effectively.

Incident management

Use our IA for incident management, where a trigger is automatically set when an employee files a service ticket and reroutes it to an available agent or deploys digital workers to handle it. IA can also continuously monitor IT infrastructure, applications and networks to check for potential issues and flag them before they worsen. IA can handle detecting, triaging and resolving IT incidents such as:

  • System outages
  • Service disruptions
  • Performance issues
  • Login access controls

Self-service provisioning

An IA platform can provide self-service portals or APIs for end-users to request and provision resources such as virtual machines, storage or software applications. When users submit requests for resources or services through these self-service portals, digital workers can automatically process and approve these requests so long as they meet certain conditions. The automated workflow can include:

  • Validating request parameters
  • Checking resource availability
  • Initiating the provisioning process without human intervention

Service delivery management

IA analyzes incoming service tickets and directs them to the right IT teams or individuals based on predefined criteria — ticket type, priority, service level agreements (SLA) requirements, category and skills. This ensures every ticket is assigned to the right person and reaches a timely resolution. High-priority tickets are automatically escalated while low-priority tickets can be queued until resources are available. IA facilitates better IT operational efficiency throughout the service delivery lifecycle, including:

  • Ticket routing, prioritizing, triaging and categorizing
  • Sending troubleshooting guides for simple cases
  • Automatically notifying end-users of ticket receipt and status updates
  • Remediation to resolve recurring issues
  • Monitoring SLA compliance
  • Recording and compiling performance analytics and statistics

Our Customers Are Thrilled With Our IA Platform

Since 2019, SS&C Blue Prism low-code technology has enabled power users within the Ratings business to identify, develop and support automations within the guard rails of a robust Robotic Operating Model.”

Richard Cornish, Head of Advanced Automation

S&P Global Ratings

We see [SS&C Blue Prism] as a key enabler for other technologies – including artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies. For example, RPA can capture a huge amount of data that can then be applied to machine learning applications. Intelligent automation will provide the foundation for creating and extending these solutions across the business.”

Rob Kesterton, Head of Business Optimization

Jaguar Land Rover 

The strategic deployment of intelligent automation has not only boosted our business process agility but has also helped bring down the cost of operating our service lines. At present, we have more than 50 digital workers across our business units, with plans for scaling further depending upon our evolving business needs.”

Jaison Thomas, Managing Director

Midland Credit Management (MCM)

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