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SS&C Blue Prism +
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Expanding the Power
of Intelligent Automation with AI

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Gen AI Takes AI Automation to the Next Level

Amplify value through SS&C Blue Prism & Gen AI

At SS&C Blue Prism, artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of everything we do. Our AI-powered approach enables our customers to unlock greater productivity, innovation and value across the entire customer journey – without compromising security. Generative AI seamlessly merges with intelligent automation, enabling businesses to automate more complex tasks and processes to realize their desired outcomes. Welcome to the future.

Automation and Generative AI

To the untrained eye, generative AI appears eerily human. But it’s actually a sophisticated algorithm capable of creating new content – including text, images, video and audio – based on natural language prompts and informed by the vast collated data on which it’s trained.

How Can Gen AI Help with Automation?

Automate Faster

Reduce technical barriers to speed up process discovery and development by enabling users to write prompts to create processes, automations and other components. 

Elevate Customer Service

Expand the boundaries of customer engagement while improving response and resolution times with more immersive, personalized and seamless experiences. 

Improve Decision-making

Make it easier to access and analyze data to unlock greater insights and make better data-driven decisions to meet business demands. 

Do More with Less

Generate processes, content and designs fast, with minimal human effort, optimizing resource allocation while increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Reduce Complexity

Automate more complex and nuanced use cases, seamlessly integrating them into your processes while maintaining quality and minimizing disruption.

Gen AI Use Case Demo

We Use Gen AI to Automate Responsibly

Based on our unparalleled domain expertise working with companies in complex and highly regulated industries, we know how to innovate in a secure environment and can help you navigate the complexities of data privacy, governance and security.

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