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As part of our COVID-19 Response Program, we've helped customers across many sectors initiate dozens of projects to assist on the front lines.
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If you’re seeking help for another great cause or you want to offer your automation skills, the Blue Prism volunteering community is a hub where users can provide or solicit help during this time of change.

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Customer excellence awards

Customer Excellence Awards

Now in its fifth year, the Customer Excellence Awards 2021 celebrates the many groundbreaking successes our customers have achieved with a digital workforce.

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Blue prism world

Blue Prism World 2021

Moving beyond business continuity toward true enterprise success begins with a digital transformation. If you’re ready to take your automation initiative to the next level, join us at Blue Prism World, May 18 - 20, 2021.

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Free the People

Becoming an agile enterprise means operating as a seamless mix of digital workers, human workers, and systems dynamically automating processes everywhere from the back office to the customer experience. You can do this with Blue Prism's intelligent digital workers that are versatile, autonomous, self-organizing, and secure. As a result, you gain better insight and control over the work, create new and transformative ways to operate, and empower people to focus on work that truly matters.

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