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SS&C | Blue Prism® Interact is a collaborative platform for human-in-the-loop (HITL) attended automation that unifies people and digital workers.


Meet Your New Coworkers

Interact is a scalable, real-time, human-to-digital collaboration platform that is designed to address more complex processes that require either manual initiation, or cooperation between human and digital workers.

Close the automation gap

No more unattended automation! Manage end-to-end automation processes that require human intervention.

Great for multiple scenarios

Meet the demands of your business with flexibility for front, middle and back-office use cases.

Manageable, no-code forms

Easily manage forms, submissions, and user access / roles, and create custom, branded forms that deliver more flexible automations and data inputs.

Easily handle exceptions

Use Interact to manage exceptions and optimize processes for a more seamless customer experience.

Interact increases productivity with human + digital collaboration

Interact simplifies communications via an intuitive interface that lets users interact with digital workforces — securely and at scale to give you an attended automation system. Watch the video to learn more.

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Instant Benefits of Human-in-the-Loop Automation to Your Organization

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Capture data and pass it on

Users can select from a series of pre-built forms to capture data and send it to a digital co-worker for handling.

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Easily share workloads

Interact gives organizations the ability to trigger digital worker-initiated workflows, as well as initiate, verify, receive, and authorize a variety of work.

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Discover true human-digital collaboration

Digital workers can partner with users to share information or ask for more information.

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Deployment your way

Whether cloud-delivered for on-premises, cloud environments or included as part of SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud, our fully managed SaaS-delivered intelligent automation platform, we have an Interact option to suit your business.

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DX Before You DIY

Building intelligent automations takes time. Save yourself a step or two by checking out SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange (DX). There, you’ll find what you need to make the most of human-digital worker collaboration. Look for the DIY Hours logo to estimate how much time you can save.

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Gereric ALM

What's Next?

Now that you’ve mapped out your business process, it’s time to start automating it. Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) gives you a proven framework to not only help you design and build enterprise-grade automations, but also cut down the time it takes to do so.

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Capture Community

Interact Community

The Interact Community is a platform where you can engage with and learn from peers who share a common interests, goals and objectives. This Global Community covers the SS&C | Blue Prism® offerings for Interact.

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