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How We Transform Telecommunications

Telecom organizations face the challenge of delivering exceptional customer experience, reducing costs and monetizing their 5G services. Learn how digital workers are helping telecom operators roll out and scale up 5G, how intelligent automation (IA) is making telco customers feel valued and how telecoms providers are reducing time to repair while increasing customer recruitment and retention.

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Why We’re A Top Choice for Telecoms

SS&C Blue Prism knows you want to give excellent customer service while also making processes more efficient. We empower telecom organizations like yours to streamline your workflows and expand to deliver better services effectively and quickly, without the added infrastructure cost. Do more with what you have.

Dialing Into Telecom Automation

Telecom challenges
Automating 5G
Agility through SS&C Blue Prism
Telecom Automation Challenges

Telecom challenges

The telecommunication industry faces increasing challenges to offer affordable, uninterrupted and innovative services while improving the overall customer experience. Intelligent automation (IA) can streamline work, especially in front and back-office tasks, which have a lot of optimization potential.

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How Can I Drive Innovation in the Telecommunications Industry?

Benefits of Telecom Automation

Transforming the customer experience

Get streamlined, agile services to exceed growing customer expectations and scale your capacity. RPA ‘bots’ improve customer communications by automating routine tasks, such as sending notifications on network maintenance, outages or scheduled upgrades.

Creating a future operating model

Telecom operators need to create a competitive, efficient model where numerous agents don’t perform low-value tasks. Empower your people to work on driving revenue and facilitating better customer relationships with automation in the telecoms industry.

Reliable financial sustainability

Reduce operational costs, increase profits and ensure long-term financial viability. IA helps allocate resources to the right places. Utilize digital workers to ensure your business processes run efficiently – saving you money and helping you spend more time on growing your business.

Maintain and monitor networks

Stay proactive with digital workers monitoring network performance 24/7 and identifying issues before they escalate. Automatically generate and prioritize maintenance tickets on the severity, helping engineers promptly address critical issues.

Fault detection and resolution

If network issues occur, digital workers can detect the faults and categorize them based on areas such as location, severity or issue type. They can suggest solutions or implement automated fixes, accelerating fault responses to address network issues.

Prompt incident management

IA assigns tickets to the most qualified personnel based on availability, ability and workload. Streamline resolutions and ensure network issues are promptly addressed with automated reminders and progress trackers so no incidents fall through the cracks.

IA and RPA Use Cases in Telecommunications

Customers expect the best services made digital and accessible at their fingertips. Intelligent automation prioritizes success by optimizing your workflows, empowering your employees and putting resources into the right places. Find out how you can put automation into action in your industry.

5G wireless technologies

To maximize market growth opportunities and new revenue streams associated with 5G, telecoms will need to create new business models to monetize 5G and evaluate other 5G advanced technologies, such as voice-assisted technologies or IoT.

How an intelligent automation solution helps:

  • Faster upgrade and deployment of new 5G technologies.
  • Generate revenue growth through accurate inventory management.
  • Employ digital workers to take on manual, repetitive tasks such as contract automation, giving human workers more time to focus on customers.
  • Improve resolution time and reduce operational costs in the network operation center.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies and predict failure faster with end-to-end AI/ML-predictive maintenance models into business-as-usual systems.

Contact center automation

Today’s omnichannel contact centers manage huge volumes of inquiries via email, live chat, text and sometimes even social media channels. Many contact centers are under constant pressure to provide the highest and most efficient levels of service.

IA for contact center automation significantly reduces the time required to identify the customer and perform repetitive activities within a multi-channel environment. This will help you improve CSAT scores while increasing employee retention, sharpening your competitive edge, reducing costs and boosting the digital customer experience.

With IA, you can:

  • Give agents time back to address complex issues while automating routine request resolutions.
  • Track the customer experience, including feedback through automated surveys, to ensure you’re giving the best service.
  • Assist customers with AI-powered chatbots responding to simple requests, complaints or inquiries.
  • Schedule automated notifications for customers to warn of outages or other network updates.

Service level agreement (SLA) automation

SLAs are critical to the service vendor lifecycle, yet their complexity can often be a daunting hill to clamber over. But with IA, you can track and review your SLAs regularly to ensure everything follows your set industry standards. This will help align your business goals, reduce workloads and improve staff and customer experiences.

By automating the measurement and monitoring of SLAs and network management, telecom companies are better positioned to plan for future network optimization.

Back-office transformation

Back-office automation is “low-hanging fruit” for organizations looking to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Operational complexity is costly to telecom companies with multiple lines of business and disparate legacy processes. Back-office functions tend to operate in silos and have different processes and regulatory requirements than the rest of your business processes.

IA facilitates consistent, standardized processes, ensuring 100% accuracy and agility. This, in turn, reduces operating costs. Back-office departments across finance, IT, HR, supply chain and procurement, etc., can benefit from IA, keeping costs down and helping your organization drive revenue.

IT management

SS&C Blue Prism can automate processes such as network planning and deployment to streamline those manual processes. This helps drive network efficiency at reduced costs while freeing staff to focus on other business-relevant tasks.

IA is secure and compliant, augmenting your IT department’s work to maintain compliance and utilize data-driven insights to better resolve issues such as bottlenecks.

IA facilitates:

  • Network configuration and security.
  • Activating new network elements.
  • Auditing, assessing and providing resolutions to security threats such as malware.
  • Measuring and monitoring SLAs and network usage management.
  • Introducing new technologies such as 5G and IoT to generate new telecom services and revenue.

What Our Customers Say 

We have a very clear standard for quality, and we are very focused on the quality of our customer relationships. Our priorities are reducing time, reducing errors and delivering that quality.”

Javier Magdalena Pinilla

Director, simplification and robotization, Telefonica

This has helped us to quickly optimize digital journeys by automating manual and repetitive tasks, which can now be handled with more accuracy.”

Geert Goethals

Director, IT solutions team, Proximus

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