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IA & RPA in Telecom

Operationalize and Monetize 5G with Intelligent Automation

What happens when you Just Add Imagination in Telco?

Telecoms organizations face challenging change drivers. They must deliver exceptional customer experience, reduce costs, and monetize new 5G services. Learn how digital workers are helping telecoms operators roll out and scale up 5G, how intelligent automation is making telco customers feel valued, and how telecoms providers are reducing time to repair.

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RPA & Intelligent automation: Leading the wave of change in telecommunications

Telecom operators are facing increasing challenges in the digital era. They must compete to offer affordable, uninterrupted, and innovative services, while improving the overall customer experience.

New technologies such as 5G represent a fundamental shift in the telecom industry and an enormous potential for new service offerings for customers and businesses. From mobile shopping using augmented reality, to automated manufacturing plants, to smart city deployments that connect traffic lights, parking meters and connected cars, each of these advancements will place new demands on bandwidth, customer support, and service delivery.

With 5G come higher expectations from customers and significantly more data, user subscribers, and bandwidth demand. It is important for telecoms to prepare for this scale so they can meet the higher expectations of customers and achieve their revenue goals. SS&C Blue Prism's intelligent automation and RPA helps Telecoms prepare for these changes. Intelligent automation will allow Telecoms to realize the revenue benefits, the speed and efficiency when deploying, and the agility when scaling 5G.

What’s Driving the Telecommunications Industry?

How Can SS&C Blue Prism Solve Your Business Challenges?

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Operationalize 5G Technology
Operationalize 5G Technology Contact Center Transformation Back-office Transformation IT Management

5G wireless technologies will dominate the telecommunications industry for the next few years.

In order to maximize market growth opportunities and new revenue streams associated with 5G, telecoms will need to create new business models to monetize 5G and evaluate other 5G advanced technologies such as voice-assisted technologies, IoT, and ​the connected car and home.​

While carriers focus on upgrading their networks to 5G, many back-office processes — if not also upgraded — will soon become a costly bottleneck.​


  • 5G will require double the capacity compared to 4G coverage.
  • 5G rollout methodologies rely on manual processes, email based communication and isolated office tools, which are not optimal for 5G scalability.
  • The network operations center of today is technology focused, and technicians lack an effective way to diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

How can SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation technology help?

  • Deploy new 5G technologies and upgrade faster with intelligent automation.
  • Generate revenue growth through accurate inventory management.
  • Employ digital workers to take on manual, repetitive tasks, enabling human workers more time to focus on customers.
  • Use intelligent automation in the network operation center to improve resolution time and reduce operational costs.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies and predict failure faster by building end-to-end AI/ML predictive maintenance models into business-as-usual systems.
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Contact Center Transformation

Traditionally, call centers primarily handled incoming phone inquiries. But today’s omni channel contact centers now manage huge volumes of inquiries via email, live chat, text, and sometimes even social media channels, including Facebook Messenger. Many contact centers are under constant pressure to provide the highest and most efficient levels of service. However, multiple legacy systems, high attrition rates, training and retraining costs, and scalability make this a challenging goal. ​

Intelligent automation in contact center significantly reduces the time required to identify the customer and perform repetitive activities within a multi-channel environment. As a result, telecom operators can improve CSAT scores while increasing employee retention. Together provide competitive advantage by reduced cost and increased digital customer experience.

Back-office Transformation

It’s no secret that operational complexity keeps operating costs high for telecoms. Like many businesses, telecoms operate multiple lines of business and have many legacy processes that are different from department to department. As a result, back-office functions tend to operate in silos and have different processes and regulatory requirements.

The standardization of processes helps to reduce operating costs, and intelligent automation plays a significant role. There are many traditional departments that are prime candidates for intelligent automation, including Finance, IT, HR, Supply Chain and Procurement. The goal of any telecom is to keep operational costs down while driving revenue. Applying intelligent automation to these back-office functions is a great place to start.​

IT Management

Automate the configuration and security of your network

Telecom operators need to reduce operational costs to invest in future technologies. By streamlining manual tasks, SS&C Blue Prism can automate processes such as network planning and deployment. This helps drive network efficiency at reduced costs while freeing up staff to focus on other business-relevant tasks.

New network elements configuration

Digital workers piloted by IT can handle the configuration and activation of new network elements, saving field engineers time and resources.

Security threat management

Automate the auditing of security threats such as malware by assigning a digital worker to run an audit process that assesses the impact of the threat and provides a resolution to it.

Performance monitoring

By automating the measurement and monitoring of SLAs and network usage management, telecom companies are better positioned to plan for future network optimization.

Embrace modern technologies

With intelligent automation, introduce new technologies such as 5G and IoT to generate new services and revenue.

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Intelligent automation is delivering true business value and rapid ROI to contact centers throughout the world.

Customers expect better, faster, and more personalized service than ever before. With a 360° view of the customer available in seconds, agents are able to deliver a personalized experience that results in customer retention and revenue growth.

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Why Telcos Need to Automate 5G Operations With Intelligent Automation

Automation in Telecom Industry