Blue Prism

The only desktop automation solution that delivers the enterprise-level control, security, scalability, and auditability required to automate repetitive tasks that must run on employee desktops.

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Empower business users by automating routine work

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Having a digital worker supporting your employees increases productivity by alleviating errors and automating repetitive functions. Additionally, employees are free to offer more customer interactions.

Blue Prism Desktop empowers business users to succeed by

  • Automating routine work
  • Reducing repetitive administration
  • Increasing interaction with customers

Automate for the Desktop responsibly, scale quickly with centralized governance

Blue Prism Desktop enables your users to run centrally developed, validated and audited processes, giving you the confidence that you are in full compliance with IT and security standards.

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What Blue Prism Desktop can do for you

Secure, scalable, simple to deploy

Empower business users to success by automating routine work

  • Improved job satisfaction, more time to focus on high value work
  • Increased operational performance and process quality
  • Enhanced customer engagement, improved interaction, and responsiveness

Centrally managed robust governance and security

  • Extended Center of Excellence (CoE) best practices to the desktop
  • Avoid impact from non-compliance
  • Highest security

Quality control and auditability

  • Central monitoring
  • Traceability assurance
  • Full auditability, control, and oversight

Benefits of Blue Prism Desktop

More efficiency with a lower cost

Enhanced customer engagement and experience

Greater workforce optimization and experience

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