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Automation for Sales & Marketing

Intelligent Automation for Sales

Sales automation, or intelligent automation (IA) for sales, is powered by technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It plays a pivotal role in supporting your sales reps for connecting the dots between all your sales automation software and achieving more value. IA removes the repetitive and tedious tasks that would usually be done by sales managers and, instead, frees them up to prioritize more strategic, valuable tasks. This means your team can focus on improving customer interactions, closing deals and driving revenue, rather than getting bogged down by admin sales tasks like data entry. With IA by their side, establish the ultimate high-performing sales team.

How To Scale Your Sales

The sales landscape
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Sales Landscape- Sales & Marketing Automation

The sales landscape

In today's sales landscape, teams embrace sophisticated tools and strategies to engage customers more effectively, foster stronger relationships and expedite deal closures. However, with so many touchpoints, tools and channels used, inefficiencies persist — causing sales reps to expend valuable time rectifying them. This is where sales automation software becomes invaluable.

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What Can Sales Automation Do for You?

Streamlines workflow

Workflow automation for sales helps streamline repetitive tasks, such as data entry after a sales call or scheduling follow-up meetings. Your sales team no longer has those mundane tasks burdening them. Digital workers can take over and do it all — ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Ensures accuracy

Ensure any data your sales team inputs, reads, uses or extrapolates is consistent and accurate across the entire customer journey. This includes all sales lead data handed over from the marketing team so your customers can get consistent, high-quality experiences throughout.

Efficiency process

One of the benefits of sales automation is it saves time across the entire sales process. By automating repetitive sales activities, your team is more productive and efficient in what they need to do — whether that’s engaging new potential customers or strategically upselling prior ones.

Better insights

With more accurate and consistent sales data, automation provides a deeper insight into your sales trends and customer behavior. Teams can make more informed decisions about how to close deals. For example, activity history, email campaign data or response times are all easily available and understandable.


Automation can easily scale with your team to accommodate increased sales volume or complexity without business leaders needing to fill an extra desk. Better yet, processes remain as efficient and effective as your business grows.

Customer experience

Automating communication doesn’t have to be robotic. It can help provide personalized customer experiences to improve customer satisfaction. You can even link your sales automation with customer relationship management (CRM) automation to ensure every interaction is tailored and has a personal touch.

How Your Team Can Seal the Deal


Sales automation works well with marketing automation to first streamline all your outreach efforts. So, by the time it reaches your sales team, all the data and information are easily legible, accessible and ready to go. Automation can also help create, process and distribute marketing materials to save your team time and resources. For example, automated email campaigns. This also ensures that all your materials are targeted, relevant and effective.

Automation can:

  • Track and record all interactions.
  • Automatically update CRM and other databases.
  • Streamline communications between sales and marketing teams.
  • Support form submission follow-up.

Sales prospecting

Target the most promising sales opportunities. RPA and IA help you revolutionize your sales prospecting processes. They can easily identify and qualify potential customers, update and share their information and summarize their needs to hand over to the sales team. Your employees no longer have to manually compile and send databases to each other, instead they can rely on office automation.

With automation:

  • Automate lead scoring and qualification.
  • Condense and analyze databases.
  • Send automatic updates to teams.
  • Enterprise-grade IA and RPA for Salesforce.

Lead tracking

Easily track the progress of your leads through the sales funnel with RPA. Digital workers can log interactions, update lead statuses, see purchasing history and ensure no leads fall through the cracks. Here, IA can also give you detailed insights into their behaviors by analyzing all this data so your team can reach out at the right moment with the right message.

IA and RPA support:

  • Automatically updating databases with interaction information.
  • Tracking lead progress through the sales funnel.
  • Providing automatic updates on progress.
  • Scheduling follow-up tasks for the team.


Sales automation can help you set up instant communications and notifications so your team doesn’t miss a thing. You can do everything from internally informing the entire organization about an important database update to externally, such as sending an instant reply to a potential lead. It’s all customizable to how your sales and marketing teamwork. Sales automation also supports customer experience automation by providing up-to-date and relevant communications each time.

IA helps:

  • Give chatbot support for out-of-office inquiries.
  • Manage a ticketing system so no customer slips through the cracks.

Opportunity scouting

Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you identify new opportunities. You can run analysis reports to identify the most affordable leads, spot trends and find clients to upsell. Your team can see which areas are most profitable and automatically create an action plan on how to best reach them with your current resources.

With automation, your team can:

  • Analyze customer data for trends and opportunities.
  • Identify upselling and cross-selling areas.
  • Provide insights into services/product development.

Increase sales

Don’t just seal one deal; win multiple. As your sales team is freed from administrative tasks, they now have more time to build relationships, chase leads and secure deals. Automation has also enhanced the entire customer experience journey with your organization, priming them for your sales team to close successfully.

Automation supports tasks and processes like:

  • Data entry and follow-up scheduling.
  • Real-time insights for sales strategy.
  • Win and close reports.
  • Recommendations on materials to support sales.
  • Write messages with help from generative AI.

Reporting and forecasting

Get real-time insights and information on sales performance and trends. RPA digital workers can collect and analyze a wealth of sales data, empowering your team with the knowledge to make more informed decisions and sell more effectively. This also improves the accuracy of your sales forecasts, helping you identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities for revenue growth.

Automation can:

  • Provide real-time insights and information on performance.
  • Collect and analyze data from multiple sources.
  • Generate daily, weekly and monthly sales reports.

The Impact of Sales Automation

As our volume of calls increases, we're not only helping customers but also serving them better. Automation takes care of the more repetitive and common requests so our agents can tackle more complex ones. And instead of using a template, gen AI can create a new personalized email when we're responding to customers."

Mark Pederson, Co-founder and Director


Extracting data out of SAP is not very exciting. But when we partnered with Arvato to optimize and automate the process with an SS&C Blue Prism digital workforce, we ended up with people doing what they’re actually qualified to do; and now they have time to analyze the data.”

Gillian Ahluwalia, Finance Director

Fremantle Shared Services

More staff are now working on outbound customer calls, and we are able to quickly identify customers in financial difficulty and proactively call them to discuss their accounts, rather than reacting too late, enhancing our overall customer service.”

Joanne Masters, Business Systems Manager

The Co-operative Bank

To maintain our competitive advantage, we need to be able to respond rapidly to changes in the market, support our marketing efforts and minimize operational costs, while ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Marie Marsden, Head of Credit and Insurance Operations

The Very Group

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