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Create explainable machine learning-based processes in hours rather than days. Automate human-like decisions with minimal effort and expertise through the power of machine learning

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Take your automated decision-making to the next level with machine learning

As your business grows, the decisions you should delegate to your digital workers should grow too. Many organizations using robotic process automation are only scratching the surface when it comes to the benefits and efficiencies to be gained. You want to automate decisions that involve multiple variables, but this requires significant time.

But it doesn’t have to.

With Blue Prism Decision, you can automate human-like decisions, which involve data, through machine learning (ML) – without needing data science expertise.

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What can Blue Prism Decision do for you?

Make machine learning more accessible

Decision incorporates active learning to ask you the most relevant questions to determine how you make decisions. You can then train the model by providing sample inputs using autoML. This means you can build statistical models in mere minutes – without any coding or data science expertise!

Automate human-like decisions quickly

Blue Prism Decision enables you to create a single decision step in the process flow, substantially reducing the design complexity. You can also enforce important decisions by using a priority rule-based system that overrides the model’s predictions.

Explainable ML-based decisions

Decision provides you with detailed audit logs, which highlight the inputs used to make the decision. We also provide a confidence score for each decision.

Where can Blue Prism Decision be used?

Paying a car repair invoice

Bank account applications

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