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IA & RPA for Transportation and Logistics

Driving the Future of Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

Keeping up with customers: An ongoing challenge for transportation and logistics providers

It’s a time of massive change for the transportation and logistics industry, from digital transformation to new market disrupters and evolving customer expectations. Staying agile and competitive is an ongoing challenge, not just in response to the recent global pandemic, but every single day.

In a mission critical environment, it’s never a good idea to simply remove legacy systems and replace them with new ones. The risk to your business is far too high. And it’s not only internal systems you need to think about. Collaboration across the supply chain means connecting with multiple external systems and adapting to unforeseen changes as quickly as possible. SS&C Blue Prism helps meet these challenges head on by enabling you to rethink processes across the business with RPA and intelligent automation.

What is Driving Change for Transportation & Logistics?

Transform the customer journey

  • Respond more quickly to customer contacts and complaints
  • Gain greater visibility of shipment status and delivery
  • Adapt to customer demand and feedback

Optimize freight management

  • Integrate seamlessly with partner systems
  • Streamline freight management across air, land and sea
  • React to price changes and market conditions

Convert data into insights

  • Turn data into information for improved decision making
  • Improve supply and demand forecasting and planning
  • Enable predictive maintenance for minimized downtime, improved performance and increased throughput

Where Does SS&C Blue Prism Fit In?

Customer Service
Freight & Operations Management
Supply & Demand Planning
Cyber Security Management
SAP Integration & Migration

Improve customer experience

Improving customer service can help logistics providers build a powerful brand reputation, helping to attract more customers, increase sales, and maximize return on investment. Intelligent automation ensures customers are provided with the most efficient service at the best price possible.

Price monitoring

Automatically identify price changes, generate impact analysis and populate freight cost logs, freeing up buyers’ time to focus on revenue generating activities.

Quote management

Provide quotes on demand automatically, minimizing delay and improving customer experience.

Status updates

Automate customer updates to provide shipment status at any given time, considerably increasing customer satisfaction.

Complaints handling

Automate letter management to ensure customers are kept informed of progress regularly. Run compliance checks to ensure open complaints do not go unanswered.

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