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Decipher IDP

Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism RPA

The possibilities of RPA are limitless - but only if you have access to the right data.

That’s why we built Decipher IDP, an easy-to-use intelligent document processing solution that identifies and extracts data from structured and semi-structured business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and other typed forms.* And we’ve made it available on the Customer Portal at no additional cost to existing Blue Prism customers.

Intelligent Automation plus IDP: What could you automate?

With Decipher IDP, you can:

  • Quickly and accurately extract data from documents
  • Uncover new possibilities and potential
  • Increase automation adoption throughout the enterprise
*Blue Prism is developing pretrained Decipher Skills that will expand and accelerate the use of additional document types.

How Decipher IDP Works

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Step 1

Documents are submitted to Decipher IDP through Blue Prism.

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Step 2

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning (ML) recognize, classify, and extract data from the documents.

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Step 3

Decipher IDP flags documents and data points that need to be verified because the confidence threshold was not met*.

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Step 4

Validated results are returned to a Blue Prism work queue where the data can be used in RPA processes.

*Decipher IDP learns from this human-in-the-loop interaction and applies the knowledge going forward.

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Benefits of Using Decipher IDP for RPA

  • Improved data access and accuracy
  • Increased processing speed
  • Human-in-the-loop verification
  • Security and compliance for all industries

Free the People

Becoming an agile enterprise means operating as a seamless mix of digital workers, human workers, and systems dynamically automating processes everywhere from the back office to the customer experience. You can do this with Blue Prism's intelligent digital workers that are versatile, autonomous, self-organizing, and secure. As a result, you gain better insight and control over the work, create new and transformative ways to operate, and empower people to focus on work that truly matters.

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