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Automation Lifecycle Management

Discover a proven, scalable model for faster enterprise-grade automation with SS&C | Blue Prism® Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM).

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Automation Lifecycle Management: A better tool for designing intelligent automations

Automation Lifecycle Management is a scalable operating model for enterprise ready automations that uses the power of Wireframer and reusable templates to help you design better quality automations quickly, while simplifying complex and time-consuming process definition activities.

Toolkit for quality automations

Take advantage of best practices from our dedicated automation designers and insight from our enterprise customers.

Less design time

Reusable, pre-designed templates and workflows, so you can help design and build proven enterprise-grade automations to meet business goals faster.

Built-in management capabilities

Simplify complex and time-consuming process definition activities, and track progress from a business user-friendly dashboard.

Define what you need for success

Easily define business objects and actions to create more consistent automations.

Instant benefits to your organization

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Manage automation projects like an expert

From delivery to design, Automation Lifecycle Management makes project management easy and more efficient with simple-to-use interfaces and mechanics.

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Cut enterprise automation design by up to 70%

Take advantage of pre-designed, reusable, and quality verified templates within ALM’s Wireframer feature, plus simplified process definition document (PDD) activities.

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Define and build in no time

Simply define business process steps and add them to a digitized PDD, then pass it along to your developers to use with Wireframer, our powerful automation design tool that helps you build out the core process structure for your automations.

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Keep quality at the forefront

Use best practice process development to define, document and log projects, plus manage projects, access controls, and signoffs.

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DX Before You DIY

Building successful intelligent automation takes time. Save yourself a step or two by checking out SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange (DX). There, you’ll find the options that best fit your automation lifecycle. Look for the DIY Hours logo to estimate how much time you can save.

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What's Next?

It’s also time to consider automation in the cloud. See how SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud, a fully integrated, SaaS delivered, intelligent automation platform, can provide you with access to a pool of intelligent digital workers straight from the cloud, with pre-integrated AI skills.

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