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Amaze Guests with Hospitality Automation RPA

Leave Your Guests Amazed With Hospitality Automation

Customer service is changing — guests are more demanding than ever. Whether they seek unconventional “off-the-beaten-track” experiences or prefer traditional hospitality services, there’s a universal expectation for personalized, digitized and impeccably executed service. It falls upon hospitality leaders to guarantee this for each guest, fostering a loyalty that beckons them to return for more.

Leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation (IA) reinvents the entire customer lifecycle — from client bookings and check-ins to offering special promotions. Through IA and RPA technology, hospitality providers can focus on delivering engaging customer experiences and highly personalized loyalty programs with ease.

What Does Automation Do for the Hospitality Industry? 

Your hospitality ambitions
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Hospitality Ambitions Automation RPA

Your hospitality ambitions

Ambitions soar high in hospitality as organizations look to redefine guest experiences and stand out from an incredibly competitive and demanding landscape. These advancements include transforming every aspect of guest interaction, from booking all the way to post-stay communications. Moreover, the demands for sustainability continue to put pressure on the industry to improve.

The Automation of Choice for Hospitality

Unlock a new era of hospitality excellence with SS&C Blue Prism. Elevate guest experiences by embracing a cutting-edge automation solution that redefines the entire guest experience with you. Our solutions are here to help you craft seamless processes that redefine industry standards.

What is Driving Change for Hospitality?

Benefits of Hospitality Automation

Transform guest experiences

From personalized check-ins to predictive recommendations and room customizations, IA seamlessly crafts a guest journey that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting positive impression. This guest-centric strategy will set your hotel operations apart from your competitors.

Increase operational efficiency

Automation helps optimize routine processes, from managing hotel inventory to staffing schedules and customer record-keeping. Use a property management system for seamless coordination between the back office and front desk to enhance guest relations and employee satisfaction.

Improve employee experiences

Not only does IA and RPA alleviate employee stress by automating time-consuming tasks, but it also improves employee job satisfaction. As hotel staff are liberated from mundane duties, they’re now poised to engage in strategic initiatives, including curating customer experiences.

Facilitate scalable growth

Leveraging digital workers, hotels can seamlessly expand operations to meet new or evolving demands without compromising service quality. IA also helps forecast demand and drives additional revenue by identifying upsell opportunities and tailoring promotions to your guests' preferences.

Increased security

Automation contributes to enhanced security systems in hospitality establishments, such as keyless entry systems and secure payment processing. Not only does this ensure the safety of guests, but it also ensures the security of your operations — building trust and confidence in your business.

Sustainability conservation

The expectation for sustainability-friendly practices in hospitality is rising. IA can contribute positively to this by monitoring energy use and optimizing it during peak and off-peak periods of stay. The use of digital workers minimizes resource wastage, like reducing the need for paper-based tasks.

IA and RPA Use Cases in the Hospitality Industry

Booking management

Streamline and improve the accuracy of your booking system to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern technology — giving customers the digital experiences they have come to expect. IA makes it more convenient, faster and more inviting for your guests to book with you.

Booking system integration

Connect multiple booking systems to streamline the end-to-end reservation service and reduce manual tasks. Collect booking payments more easily and quickly.

Upsells and offers

Fulfill reservations, upsell rooms or share personalized promotional offers with customers using digital workers to maximize the potential of each booking.

Management reporting

Automate management reporting to provide regular, on-demand snapshots or performance reports.

Personalized recommendations

Digital workers can pull customer-related data from multiple systems to make personalized recommendations for specific hotel amenities, local facilities or experiences.

Check-in and check-out

Say goodbye to long check-in and check-out times, repetitive administrative work and error-prone resource assignments. IA helps elevate the speed, simplicity and seamlessness of your guests' check-in and check-out experiences.

Automated check-in

Streamline guest arrivals with automated check-in kiosks or management software. Digital workers can verify guest information and reduce queues and check-in waiting times.

Express check-out

Digital workers can help your guests settle their bills and check out quickly. For a hassle-free departure, IA can handle transactions, retrieve records for verification and start room preparations for the next guests.

Guest data management

Ensure all your guest data is accurate, secure and up to date. Get insights into guest preferences and behaviors to ensure tailored and seamless interactions.

Automatic resource assignment

IA can optimize room assignments and resources based on all available information: guest preferences, room availability and operational capacity. IA also minimizes room allocation errors.

Inventory and maintenance

Stay in control and up to date with automation for your inventory management and maintenance. Help channel managers ensure you’re available, well-stocked and running smoothly, without fears of overbooking or under-booking.

Inventory tracking

Get real-time and up-to-the-minute visibility into all your inventory levels across teams, departments and locations. Leverage AI-driven insights to optimize inventory and reordering.

Smart maintenance request

IA can automate the creation, assignment and tracking of maintenance work orders. Streamline the entire maintenance lifecycle for quicker issue resolution.

Condition monitoring

IA and digital workers can track and keep diagnostic records of room equipment and facilities. Automate routine maintenance checks and proactively address maintenance needs.

Energy maintenance

Have smart building systems with IA and RPA to analyze energy consumption and identify opportunities to save energy and reduce utility costs.

Customer service

Leverage automation technologies to enhance guest interactions, streamline processes and provide personalized and efficient services at request.


AI-powered and digital worker-enabled chatbots can help produce instant and personalized responses to common guest inquiries, leaving employees free to tackle other work.

Reservation assistance

From inquiry to booking confirmation, digital workers can assist guests throughout the journey. They can provide guests with real-time availability and personalized recommendations.

Predictive guest needs

IA can analyze guest behavior and known preferences to predict and provide recommendations during their stay, such as activities or dining options in the local area.

Feedback analysis

Once a guest leaves, digital workers can request feedback and analyze reviews in real-time. Understand your trends, sentiments and areas for improvement for strategic decision-making.

Finance and accounting

IA and RPA can automate your accounting services. Digital workers can take on finance tasks that are repetitive, tedious and prone to error, so your finance team is free to focus on other revenue-generating work.

Bank reconciliation

Automatically extract general ledgers and perform comparisons with bank statements to identify anomalies. Improve the accuracy of your accounts and save manual effort.

Accounts payable

Receive invoices from suppliers and automate the input of accounts payable data into your ERP system without the need for manual input.

Accounts receivable

Automate the monitoring of receivables and consistently and proactively follow the appropriate collections process for bad debt.

Supplier onboarding

Automate the onboarding of new suppliers, from updating core systems to performing credit checks, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

Regulatory compliance

Automating repetitive compliance tasks can reduce the risk of exposure to non-compliance measures by eliminating errors, improving service level agreements (SLA) performance and auditing existing measures.

Data management

Ensure customer data is archived appropriately, check that data is not stored incorrectly and perform regular data audits to prevent potential data leakage.

Impact measurement

Automate the measurement of pre- and post-regulation impact on operational costs.

Performance reporting

Digital workers can collect data and build reports to demonstrate regulatory performance and SLAs.

Regulation execution

Employ digital workers to automate new regulatory processes introduced to the hospitality industry from the start. You can reduce the cost of training your human workforce and the associated risk of human error, while increasing the speed of execution.

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