Driving Loyalty in the Hospitality Sector

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Provide a tailored experience

Even when vacation and travel choices are limited, consumers’ expectations are still high. They want a fully digitalized experience and personalization. They want ‘off the beaten track’ adventures and additional experiences. They want to be surprised and delighted by unexpected perks and great customer service. Hospitality leaders need to do all they can to make every vacation goes to plan for every single customer, so they always want to come back for more.

Winning customer loyalty with intelligent automation

The modern hospitality industry has weathered many changes. But nothing has transformed the industry as broadly or as quickly as the digital revolution. Intelligent automation has the power to reinvent the entire customer lifecycle, from client bookings to making special offers. Using a digital workforce, hospitality providers can focus on delivering engaging customer experiences and highly personalized loyalty schemes.

Create loyal customers

  • Eliminate friction in the booking process from start to finish
  • Connect guests to local activities for a true cultural experience
  • Collate the data to create stand out loyalty schemes

Optimize the back office

  • Free up the finance team for revenue generation
  • Introduce greater agility for regulatory change, reducing compliance costs
  • Improve data management for security and intelligent analytics

Digitalize the customer journey

  • Deliver a seamless digital experience for customers
  • Integrate new technologies with the old to quickly deliver new customer options
  • Enable customization for a truly personalized customer experience
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Bookings and loyalty schemes
Bookings and loyalty schemes Finance and accounting Regulatory compliance

Create customer loyalty through a more personalized approach

Creating ongoing customer loyalty means providing customers with an increasingly personalized, digital and convenient experience. Intelligent automation unlocks the potential of data to deliver an individual experience for each customer and bridges the gap between legacy and modern technology to give consumers the digital platforms they have come to expect.

Booking system integration

Connect multiple booking systems to streamline the end-to-end reservation service and reduce manual effort.

Upsells and offers

Fulfill reservations, upsell rooms or share personalized promotional offers with customers using digital workers to maximize the potential of each booking.

Personalized recommendations

Digital workers can pull customer-related data from multiple systems to make personalized recommendations for specific hotel amenities or local facilities or experiences.

Management reporting

Automate management reporting to provide on demand regular snapshots or performance reports.

Streamline your accounting services

Digital workers can take on finance and accounting tasks that are repetitive, tedious and prone to error. This frees up finance teams to focus on proactive value adding work and increasing revenue.

Bank reconciliation

Automatically extract general ledgers and perform comparisons with bank statements to identify anomalies. Improve accuracy and save manual effort.

Accounts receivable

Automate the monitoring of receivables and consistently and proactively follow the appropriate collections process for bad debt.

Accounts payable

Receive invoices from suppliers and input the data into your ERP system without the need for manual input.

Supplier onboarding

Automate the onboarding of new suppliers from updating core systems to performing credit checks, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

Minimize regulatory risk for your organization

Automating repetitive compliance tasks can reduce the risk of exposure to non-compliance measures by eliminating errors, improving service level agreements (SLA) performance and auditing existing measures.

Data management

Ensuring data is archived appropriately, checking data is not stored incorrectly and performing regular data audits to prevent potential data leakage.

Performance reporting

Digital workers can collect data and build reports to demonstrate regulatory performance and service level agreements (SLAs).

Impact measurement

Automate the measurement of pre and post regulation impact on operational costs.

Regulation execution

Automate new regulatory processes from the start. Reduce cost of training your human workforce and go straight to digital workers. Reduce risk of human error and increase speed of execution.

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We support your business across its functions. Discover the benefits of RPA applied to hospitality challenges.

Why Intelligent Automation?


  • Comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs
  • End-to-end object and process change history
  • System and process execution audits
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  • Re-usable and shareable objects/processes
  • Many-to-many process assignment
  • Processes in parallel
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Rapid deployment and methodology

  • Process discovery
  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)
  • Success accelerator
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Security and access control

  • Veracode Verified Continuous
  • Decoupled build and run
  • Disk level encryption and data masking
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Performance and stability

  • Database layer resilience
  • Supports hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • More productive and efficient
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Intelligent and extensible

  • Drop-in AI skills from DX
  • AI labs and innovation center
  • Data gateways
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