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Retail Customer Automation

Connecting Retailers to Customers

Intelligent automation (IA) can improve customer experience by providing a more streamlined online retail business with accurate, up-to-date product listings, more efficient supply chain operations and personalized online orders and offerings. Find out how IA helps retailers create omnichannel retailing, reduce the risk of fraud and enhance product decision-making. From inventory to supply chain automation, IA can save you money and sharpen your competitive edge.

Retail + SS&C Blue Prism

We’re a perfectly matched ensemble. SS&C Blue Prism helps retailers focus on what’s important: outstanding customer service and making work more efficient. Through our intelligent automation, we’re enabling businesses in your industry to transform work by reducing manual tasks and utilizing resources better.

How Can Automation Transform the Retail Industry?

Retail challenges
Retail automation solution
How SS&C Blue Prism
can help
Retail Challenges solved with Automation

Retail challenges

As a retailer, we know you need to manage several major challenges simultaneously. We’re talking about tackling the impact of global uncertainty, ever-changing demand, constrained resources and — if that’s not enough — winning and retaining customers, too. While you can’t manage the unknown, you can secure your future with intelligent automation (IA).

What is Driving Change for Retail?

Benefits of Retail Automation Solutions

Omnichannel customer experiences

Consumers have become smart and accustomed to the ease and convenience that online shopping delivers. To keep up, retailers can automate and personalize customers’ online experiences utilizing the sales data gathered by digital workers.

Climate sustainability

While there is a moral aspect to carbon emissions, there are also significant business opportunities for circular economy and transparent supply chains. IA facilitates better ESG reporting, helping organizations keep accurate records of their ESG impact.

Boost competitive advantage

Develop new revenue-generating services to stand out. IA collects real-time sales analytics to show what sells well and what doesn’t. Personalize new product introductions by curating product listings based on previous buying behavior.

Business agility and resilience

Respond faster to fluctuating customer demands. Digital workers perform accurately and compliantly, reducing risks and saving money. IA also streamlines manual processes, which reduces human errors, improves efficiency and expands your capacity.


With mobile product discovery and payments, advanced features such as auto-subscriptions and personalized location alerts will further change how consumers buy and speed up the adoption of more sophisticated tools like augmented or virtual reality (A/VR).

Ensuring employee satisfaction

Time-consuming tasks take up too much employee time. IA allows staff to work on higher-value tasks, such as ensuring a better customer experience and answering complex cases – making their job more interesting and helping you avoid employee churn.

Intelligent Automation in Use Cases in Retail

Customer service
Revenue insights
Fraud prevention
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets
Order processing and fulfillment
Workforce staffing

Customer service

It’s your time to start improving customer experience through intelligent automation. Today, customers expect a personalized experience, with many looking to online retail over in-store visits. Most shoppers are now willing to share their personal data with companies, particularly if they’re assured a top-quality experience in return. Here’s how we can help you improve the consumer experience, increase repeat business and minimize abandoned orders with IA.

Personalized offers

Utilize personally identifiable information (PII) to create personalized offers for your customers, improving the customer experience and results.

Price matching

If your customer finds an item cheaper elsewhere and contacts you, a digital worker can confirm the product, price and conditions through online searches and then email a response to the customer.

Customer returns

Automate returns processing in multiple downstream applications by programming digital workers to use the data entered by your contact center agents via a single web form. This minimizes the risk of transcription errors, reduces the call duration and ensures customers receive a personal experience.

Contact center

Digital workers prepopulate customer details via interactive voice response integration to resolve customer inquiries faster.

Omni-channel virtual agent

Extend the reach of customer conversations for speedier outcomes. Quickly understand what your customers want and connect them with the expertise they need to get things done.

What Our Customers Say 

To maintain our competitive advantage, we need to be able to respond rapidly to changes in the market, support our marketing efforts and minimize operational costs while ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Marie Marsden

Head of credit and insurance operations, The Very Group

Since simple customer requests are handled by digital workers, our colleagues are free to go and have those emotional conversations with customers wherever they may be, and that’s critical for us as a business.”

Jordan Wain

RPA lead, Pets at Home

Intelligent automation, coupled with DevOps, has created a safe system of work. This has enabled the delivery team to independently develop, test and deploy code quickly, safely, securely and reliably while allowing the business to find answers to their questions and insights quickly – through the self-serve and automated solutions.”

Alec Sutherland

Partner and automation technical lead (RPA), John Lewis Partnership

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