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Retail has evolved: delivering for customers in an omnichannel world

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Connected Shoppers, Disconnected Retailers

Retail customers have been adopting new devices and technologies, creating more choices for finding, buying, and receiving merchandise. Today’s shopper is the connected shopper and they are fully embracing the benefits of omnichannel retailing. Unfortunately, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are often held back by disparate and disconnected legacy systems and inventories. While they can leverage locations and local inventory to ensure items are available to customers faster than e-commerce retailers, they’re still disconnected from the huge benefits associated with omnichannel retailing.

Connecting retailers to customers

Retailers who embrace digital technology stand to thrive in the omnichannel retail world we now live in. Connected-RPA can help retailers integrate legacy inventory, ordering, and tracking systems with omnichannel ordering and fulfilment systems, allowing retailers to seamlessly connect with customers, meeting them where they are.

Improve customer service

  • Seamless integration across sales channels for a consistent customer experience
  • Personalize the customer experience for improved results
  • Reduced friction in the returns process

Reduce the risk of fraud

  • Faster investigation and cancellation of suspect customer orders
  • Consistent auditing of procurement process and suppliers
  • Improved monitoring and investigation of inventory shrinkage

Know your customer

  • Optimize product decision making through faster data aggregation and analysis
  • Create a 360-view of customer needs
  • Identify new trends and optimize marketing through greater data insight
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Customer Service
Customer Service Customer Insight Fraud Detection Seasonal Staffing Order Fulfilment

Stand out from the competition with exceptional customer service

Customers today expect a quality, personalized experience. Shoppers are willing to provide their personal data to companies, but they expect a top-quality experience in return. Improve the consumer experience, increase repeat business and minimize abandoned orders with Connected-RPA.

Personalized Offers

Utilize personally identifiable information (PII) to create personalized offers for customers, improving the customer experience and improving results.

Price Matching

If a customer finds an item cheaper elsewhere and contacts a retailer, a Digital Worker can confirm the product, price, and conditions through online searches and email a response to the customer.

Contact Centre

Customer data is pre-populated with customer details by Digital Workers via IVR integration for faster resolution of customer enquiries.

Customer Returns

Returns are processed in multiple downstream applications by Digital Workers using data entered by contact center agents via a single web form. This minimizes the risk of transcription error, reduces the call duration and ensures customers receive the best experience.

Know your customers

The ability for retailers to analyse shoppers’ habits and use customer insight to predict future shopping habits and needs is a powerful tool. Such forecasting can help retailers stay ahead of the competition, ensuring you always have the right product available at the right time at the right price. Connected-RPA can help turn data into critical customer insight at speed.

Data Collection

Automate the gathering and aggregation of data from multiple source systems (POS, loyalty programs, e-commerce) to create a fast and accurate dataset which can be used for analysis and, targeted action.


Digital Workers produce timely insight reports to enable fast action. From advising which day social media influence might be optimal, to recommending which products are likely to sell best and where. Getting the right information to the right teams at the right time can ensure the best outcomes.

Marketing Campaigns

Execute data-driven marketing campaigns using Digital Workers to connect relevant offers to the right customers. Manage campaign peaks without scaling up your human workforce.

Greater agility for improved fraud detection and prevention

Globally, the retail industry loses billions of dollars each year through fraudulent ordering. It is imperative that retailers act quickly, investigating customer orders held on suspicion of fraud. While fraudulent orders are a drain on retailers, so is loss of inventory from warehouses as well as in transit. Connected-RPA helps reduce the risk of fraud, freeing up resources to monitor behavioral trends and subsequently enabling the business to quickly adapt to changes in fraud tactics.

Order Cross-Checks

If there’s a recommendation to challenge an order, a case is created in the CRM system. Digital Workers can perform a series of cross-checks on the order via internal and external systems. Suspect orders may then be referred for human action.

Order Cancellation

Automate the cancellation of orders quickly where fraud is suspected, minimizing the risk of orders being shipped through any delay in action.

Inventory Cross-Checking

Digital Workers check inventory against expectations and flag exceptional shrinkage, enabling further proactive investigation by human colleagues.

Procurement Risk

Perform frequent audit checks of suppliers, invoices and system logs to identify suspicious activity or relationships.

Hit the ground running with RPA

The retail industry experiences high levels of staff attrition across the board. With multiple employee contract types, multiple franchise locations and increasing numbers of back office staff, ensuring employee details and access are correct can be a challenge. Intelligent Automation can help manage peaks in demand and handle seasonal staffing effectively.

Reference Checks

Automate reference requests, update personnel systems and action reference outcomes.

Systems & Facilities Access

Digital Workers create new user accounts in sales and personnel applications, as well as setting up the right buildings access for staff so employees can get going from day one.

Payroll Creation

Generate payroll for new starters without error and in good time, ensuring new employees never miss a pay packet.

Welcome Admin

Automate welcome letters and first day agenda and onboarding schedules for a smoother start for new employees, minimizing errors and enabling faster utilization of seasonal staff.

The right product in the right place at the right time

Retailers face many challenges throughout the order fulfilment process, from demand planning to inventory management to logistics. Ultimately the key to effective order fulfilment is having accurate data to enable optimal decision making. From knowing which products you have to sell, to what customers want and how you will deliver to that need, information is critical.

Connect systems like your sales order, ERP and inventory management systems using Blue Prism for greater visibility across the order fulfilment process.

Stock Level Checks

Digital Workers can check legacy inventory systems to determine current stock levels and notify retail workers on duty to reserve the product for online customer orders.

Product Status Updates

Automatically confirm that a product has been picked and packed, and email the customer that their order is ready to be collected.

Stock Tracking

Digital Workers pull together data from telematic technology like RFID, to track items and accurately update their status for improved visibility along the supply chain.

Returned Items

Automate and accelerate the inter-branch transfer process for returned products. Triage returned goods entering the distribution center or store using previous returns information or store preferences. Then allocate the stock to an appropriate selling location, raising the relevant documentation for the transfer. Processes are handled quickly, minimizing markdowns.

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Why Connected-RPA?


  • Comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs
  • End-to-end object & process change history
  • System & process execution audits
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  • Re-usable & shareable objects/processes
  • Many-to-many process assignment
  • Processes in parallel
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Rapid Deployment & Methodology

  • Process Discovery
  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)
  • Success Accelerator
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Security & Access Control

  • Veracode Verified Continuous
  • Decoupled build & run
  • Disk level encryption & data masking
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Performance & Stability

  • Database layer resilience
  • Supports hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • More productive & efficient
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Intelligent & Extensible

  • Drop-in AI skills from DX
  • AI Labs & Innovation Center
  • Data Gateways
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