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Build a New Operating Model for Financial Services with Intelligent Automation

Accelerate Performance in Wealth Management

We understand the challenges you’re facing to keep fees low and margins high while delivering an exceptional end-to-end client experience across all your products and services. Read this guide to uncover how SS&C Blue Prism can help wealth managers tackle these challenges and where to focus your attention to start achieving tangible outcomes immediately.

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Intelligent automation: A new wave is breaking

The financial services and banking industry is facing pressure on every front to reimagine the way it does business. It’s time to give your people the tools and resources they need to build a new financial sector and new business models that can respond effectively to consumer needs. With a digital workforce combining technologies such as RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, your employees are liberated to do what humans do best. Instead of spending their day carrying out mundane and repetitive tasks, they can now make a real difference, forging strong relationships with customers, analyzing data to gain competitive advantage, and making great ideas a reality.

To date, SS&C Blue Prism has supported hundreds of financial institutions through the first wave of automation with a goal to drive up productivity and reduce costs.

What are the priorities for banking & financial services organizations?

How Can SS&C Blue Prism Solve Your Business Challenges?

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Risk and Compliance
Risk and Compliance Business Operations Customer Experience

Customer onboarding with KYC checking

Enable new customers to open a bank account and apply for additional products in minutes with automated KYC checking and affordability calculators.

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Due diligence checking

Enable due diligence teams to focus on higher value tasks such as risk assessment and review by automating the process of searching data sets, retrieving results, and compiling reports.

Fraud detection / AML

Execute complex decision making at scale with an automated, end-to-end fraud detection solution. Go from data gathering through case decisioning and follow-up actions seamlessly.

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Sanctions screening

Improve the speed and accuracy of sanctions checks to improve compliance, reduce risk, and deliver faster cash cycles to customers.

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Compliance monitoring and reporting

Save time and avoid human error by automatically generating regulatory compliance reports through the extraction and configuration of data across platforms.


Reduce cyber threats from malicious operators by deploying digital workers together with machine learning technology to conduct near-time threat analysis and alert.

Trade processing

Drive down operational costs by automating manually intensive processes requiring reconciliation. Digital workers retrieve and compile data from multiple systems, perform rules-based aggregation and reconciliation, and take actions to resolve simple breaks. By using decision engines, digital workers can make more complex decisions to resolve complex breaks.

Commercial loans applications

Reduce commercial loan onboarding costs by 50% and slash application abandonment rates with end-to-end processing.

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Trade finance

Applying intelligent automation across the trade finance process from digitalization, sanctions screening and fraud checks, to customer communications, reporting, and audit.

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Margin calls

Digital workers automatically triage communication, extract intents, key data, and information to drive automated processing and reduce manual processing time by up to 90%.

Intelligent contact centers

Intelligent automation in the contact center significantly reduces the time required to identify the customer and perform repetitive activities within a multi-channel environment. As a result, financial service institutions can improve customer service Net Promoter Scores (NPS) while increasing employee retention rates.

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Customer onboarding with KYC Checking

Enable new customers to open a bank account and apply for additional products in just minutes with automated KYC checking and affordability calculators.

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Chatbot integration

Combine chatbot technology with intelligent automation to provide an entirely new, super-efficient communication channel for customers and financial services organizations.

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Mortgage calculator

Deploy automation to reduce the time it takes to provide a customer with a mortgage calculation from days to minutes.