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An age of disruption for utility providers: new competition, new technology, new resources

The energy and utilities sector faces unprecedented disruption as new innovative competitors emerge, renewable energy sees rapid growth, and customer expectations increasingly drive the need for new digital services. As providers seek to evolve with these changes, they must continue to maintain aging infrastructure, adhere to evolving government regulation and strengthen their core business by improving operational efficiencies.

Delivering a customer-centric digital organization through Connected-RPA

Disruptive competitors are taking advantage of increasing customer expectation for easy, seamless and instant digital services. Connected-RPA can help you to deliver robust customer-centric services, connecting new technologies into your legacy systems quickly and cost-effectively.

Deliver stand out customer service

  • Cost effective integration of new customer payment options
  • Consistent and more personalized communication with customers
  • Seamless customer onboarding, tariff changes and account updates

Enable frictionless billing

  • Collate meter readings from multiple disparate systems
  • Investigate and correct bills with exceptional readings
  • Accurately update core billing systems for improved customer experience

Adapt to evolving regulations

  • Faster, more agile response to new regulation requirements
  • Reduce compliance risks with proactive automated auditing
  • Generate accurate compliance performance reports

Streamline critical asset management

  • Enable proactive, adaptive and consistent maintenance of infrastructure
  • Optimize inventory controls and order management
  • Accelerate restoration of service and improve safety
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Customer Service
Customer Service Billing & Payments Asset Management Supplier Lifecycle Management Regulatory Compliance Cyber Security Management Collections

Create a stand out customer experience

Customer care services are the key interaction point between energy and utility providers and their customers. By providing a high-quality personalized service with faster response times, organizations can increase customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition.

Outbound Customer Service

Digital Workers provide consistent customer contact, from payment reminders to personalized offers to rate change notifications and tariff notices.

Customer Account Management

Streamline account activation and deactivation activities and update customer records across multiple systems with minimal manual effort.

Complaints Management

Automate letter management to ensure customers are kept informed of progress regularly. Run compliance checks to ensure open complaints do not drift.

Tariff Checks

Digital Workers check prepay customers are on the correct tariff and notifies customers as appropriate.

Create frictionless billing and payment services

Customers expect accurate billing and easy ways to pay for their consumption of services. Data from meter readings can cause challenges in creating a frictionless billing process with multiple sources of data across multiple systems. While enabling customers to pay seamlessly can mean costly integration of legacy and 3rd party applications. Connected-RPA can provide solutions to these major challenges.

Meter Readings Collation

Automate the collection of meter readings from multiple sources such as smart meters, customers, 3rd party meter readers and estimates.

Billing Exception Management

Meter readings come from multiple sources and can often be out of sync. Avoid erroneous bills and poor customer experience by automatically investigating exceptions using Digital Workers to check the most reliable meter reading sources and apply corrections to the core billing system.

Exceptional Consumption Checks

Digital Workers check accounts which show as having excessive or negative consumption and corrects the errors or requests further information.

Mobile Payment Reconciliation

Integrate legacy billing systems with 3rd party mobile payment applications to enable customers to pay with ease. Digital Workers take the data from the mobile payments and update the core billing system, reconciling payments without manual intervention.

Help maintain critical assets across an expansive infrastructure estate

Asset management is a major challenge for the utilities sector whose assets cover everything from heavy machinery to electricity cables to power stations. All of which need constant and effective safety monitoring and maintenance. Digital Workers can help manage and maintain your assets effectively.

Maintenance Planning

Automate regular scheduling of maintenance and safety checks, as well as any rescheduling requirements based on reports from the field.

Asset Record Updates

Enable engineers to update records in the field and automatically update multiple back office systems to ensure accuracy, consistency and to maintain SLAs.

Proactive Purchase Orders

Check inventory levels against actual stock and automatically generate POs to suppliers, speeding up the process and preventing delays.


Gather and aggregate vast datasets from IoT sensors and devices across the energy grid to enable predictive maintenance and forecasting

Drive performance through improved supplier management

Maintaining and managing complex supplier relationships is critical to an effective supply chain and efficient production. Intelligent Automation enables utilities providers to oversee their supplier portfolio to optimize performance, be more cost effective and ensure regulatory requirements are met.

Supplier Onboarding

Digital Workers pull together the data and documentation needed to set up approved and vetted suppliers accurately and efficiently.

Contract Management

Create and update accurate and timely supplier contracts, as well as proactively alert when contract agreements are due for renewal to ensure enough time for re-negotiation.

Performance Management

Digital Workers pull together the appropriate data to measure supplier performance against contractual SLAs, ensuring any issues can be highlighted early and actioned as necessary.

Reduce your organizations compliance risk

Regulatory changes can be difficult to react to and comply with. A Digital Workforce can improve response times against existing regulatory SLAs, help you respond to new regulation faster and help you understand the impact of the changes on operational costs.

Regulation Execution

Automate new regulatory processes from the start. Reduce cost of training human workforce and go straight to Digital Workers. Reduce risk of human error and increase speed of execution.

Performance Reporting

Digital Workers can collect data and build reports to demonstrate regulatory performance and service level agreements (SLAs).


Ensure audit compliance by automating internal reviews to proactively identify potential compliance issues.

Impact Measurement

Automate the measurement of pre and post regulation impact on operational costs.

Automation that supports your Cyber Security Manager

Cyber risk management is increasingly important as the threat of malicious activity grows across the sector. At attack could mean losing customer data, losing competitive edge or losing critical infrastructure. The potential impact of a cyber-attack is clear and significant. Automating elements of security management can help minimize the risk.

Maintaining Security Tools

Digital Workers can audit security applications like anti-virus to ensure they are running, check expiry dates and renew them as required.

Internal Compliance

Automate regular checks against internal security policies to ensure nothing falls through the gaps and leaves preventable vulnerabilities.

Data Policy Enforcement

Ensure data isn’t stored in places it shouldn’t be and execute data archiving using Digital Workers to reduce the risk of any form of data breach.

Access Management

Control and maintain access to IT systems and facilities using automation to ensure workers only have access when and where they should. Digital Workers will also ensure a consistency in approach to access requests and access removal.

Reduce the cost of collections

Minimizing overdue debt can help energy and utilities providers remain robust in challenging times. Streamlining collections processes is essential in reducing bad debt, cutting its associated costs and ultimately improving customer experience.

Collection Visit Updates

Collection agents submit updates on the stage and status of visits and whether debt collection has been successful or not. Digital Workers take this information and update all appropriate systems, saving manual effort and eliminating re-keying errors.

Case File Preparation

Digital Workers pull together customer information, such as searching credit record websites, prior to collection action proceeding. This automated validation saves manual effort upfront and reduces wasted agent time from unnecessary visits.

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Why Connected-RPA?


  • Comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs
  • End-to-end object & process change history
  • System & process execution audits
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  • Re-usable & shareable objects/processes
  • Many-to-many process assignment
  • Processes in parallel
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Rapid Deployment & Methodology

  • Process Discovery
  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)
  • Success Accelerator
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Security & Access Control

  • Veracode Verified Continuous
  • Decoupled build & run
  • Disk level encryption & data masking
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Performance & Stabilitye estabilidade

  • Database layer resilience
  • Supports hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • More productive & efficient
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Intelligent & Extensible

  • Drop-in AI skills from DX
  • AI Labs & Innovation Center
  • Data Gateways
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