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Ditch Obsolete Utilities & Energy Operations

Utility providers face intense competition, stricter regulations, and an aging infrastructure and workforce. The push for cheaper and cleaner renewable energy adds to the challenge. In other words, keeping the lights on is no walk in the park. Traditional energy and utility companies are losing ground to newcomers due to legacy assets and evolving compliance. The solution lies in shifting priorities, cutting costs and improving service quality through intelligent automation.

The Preferred Choice by Energy and Utilities

We’re dedicated to helping you deliver the best energy and utilities services to your customers. To achieve this, you require a dependable and resilient automation solution — SS&C Blue Prism. Optimize your resources through streamlined processes, driven by intelligence and underpinned with compliance. The future of energy and utilities is now within reach.

What Does Automation Do for the Energy and Utilities Industry?

Your aims for energy and utilities
Our tailored solution
How we propel energy and utilities
Aims for RPA for Energy & Utilities Automation

Your aims for energy and utilities

In your pursuit of advancing utilities and energy, you aim to overcome challenges like evolving technologies, regulatory scrutiny, legacy infrastructure, economic unpredictability and talent shortages. Simultaneously, you strive to meet consumer demands for personalized, efficient and digital services while enhancing sustainability. But current infrastructure is a challenge to meet these evolving needs and requirements.

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What is Driving Change for Energy and Utility Companies?

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Think Bigger With How You Can Use Automation

See how energy and utilities use digital workers to differentiate the customer experience while increasing financial stability.

Benefits of Utility and Energy Automation 

Wave goodbye to administrative errors

Stop losing money due to clerical or administrative errors. Digital workers powered by RPA can work 24/7 to meticulously record, categorize and process payments with no drops in accuracy or productivity. Losses and errors due to human oversight or manual data entry are a thing of the past.  

A new era of operational excellence

With flexible deployment options, 24/7 availability, intelligent functions and easy-to-scale processes, IA can ensure swift, coordinated and streamlined operations. Digital workers optimize resource allocation. Its versatility also makes it an ideal solution to elevate operational efficiency.

Unparalleled cost savings

Leveraging digital workers for manual tasks yields substantial cost savings for energy and utility companies, enhancing productivity and reducing labor expenses. Organizations can achieve more or maintain the same level of output with fewer resources, optimizing operational efficiency and driving significant financial benefits.

Better decisions with next-level analytics

Digital workers offer a precise breakdown of order processing times and customer consumption, empowering organizations to allocate resources effectively. IA can analyze every aspect of your operations, highlighting areas consuming resources so you can make swift improvements for enhanced efficiency.

Delight customers at every step

IA and digital workers can automate various customer-centric tasks — handling customer inquiries, outage information, billing, payments and refunds. By eliminating these repetitive tasks, human workers can provide higher-quality, personalized assistance to customers and dedicate time to more value-adding tasks.

Erase compliance anxiety and stress

IA and RPA simplify compliance. Through meticulous and secure automation, they minimize errors. This facilitates proactive handling of regulatory reporting, swift error identification and resolution. Digital workers act as guardians, effortlessly upholding standards even in large volumes.

IA and RPA Use Cases in Utilities and Energy

Customer experience
Asset management
Billing and payments
Reduce collections
Regulatory compliance
Supplier maintenance

Customer experience

In the face of heightened customer expectations, new competitors and stringent regulations, IA and RPA can help enhance customer experience. It brings online access, digital channels, proactive personalized service and self-service options to organizations, helping them move away from outdated practices.

Contact center and call handling

IA and digital workers streamline customer calls by gathering real-time information, addressing inquiries like billing updates. With natural language processing (NLP), they understand and respond to common queries, update records and initiate follow-ups effortlessly.

Outbound customer service

Digital workers provide consistent and proactive customer contact, from payment reminders to personalized offers and rate change notifications. Digital workers can ensure your customers stay updated on the latest information for improved customer service.

Customer account and complaints management

Streamline account activation and deactivation activities and update customer records across multiple systems. Automate outreach to ensure customers are kept informed of progress regularly and maintain compliance standards.

Omni channel virtual agent

Extend the reach of customer conversations for speedier outcomes, reduced costs and award-winning moments. Quickly understand what your customers want and allocate resources effectively to be able to deliver on them.

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