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"It was very clear that SS&C Blue Prism had the edge when it came to actual technology.

We have used robotic process automation on our financial crime mitigating actions. Where we would have needed hundreds of people to do certain tasks, we've been able to put robotics in there."

Ossi Leikola Executive Vice President | Head of Banking Operations

Thames Valley Police

"We are dealing with 14.000 tasks every month.

What RPA does for us is prioritising our work load, making sure that we are getting to those of higher risk of harm first."

Charlotte Donohoe Head of Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
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Rabbbani S. Headshot

Rabbani S.
Information Technology Service Desk Engineer
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


Mar 28, 2024

"Best RPA Bot Creation Platform!"

Unlike IBM Watsonx, this platform is easy to operate and easy to create RPA bots without needing any prior experience.

I was able to create an RPA bot and integrated it with our Microsoft Teams application.

Our new bot using SS&C Blue Prism can create tickets in Service Now, Close them and unlock accounts.

Blue Prism team has a seamless support through their Customer Support contact us option and they respond quickly.

Most of our employees use the Bot through Teams daily for like unlocking accounts, requesting IT support...etc

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Wagner V Headshot

Wagner V.
Analista de Inteligência Operacional Sênior
Consumer Electronics
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


Feb 29, 2024

"The Blue Prism tool is essential for automating and reducing the costs of business processes "

The Blue Prism tool is essential for automating and reducing the costs of business processes.

Helping to redirect employees who do repetitive activities, to be put to do activities that demand greater cognitive reasoning and decision making.

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Bruno Henrique N. headshot

Bruno Henrique N.
RPA Developer
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


Feb 27, 2024 (Original Mar 15, 2022)

"I'm a very happy customer"

Blue prism is an amazing RPA platform for handling big and complex projects. The UML like design makes easy to understand and explain to Stakeholders what the robot is doing and it's also easy to maintain the robot on long term

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Mukesh K. Headshot

Mukesh K.
Solution Expert
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


Feb 08, 2024(Original Feb 24, 2023)

"Best tool for advance and controlled RPA development"

Code customisations in the object studio and adding customised actions for already built code stages gives you an upper hand to cater your automation needs.

Strong Digital Exchange Portal with loads of reusable code capabilities/Objects.

Updated Blueprism university for training purposes.

Attaching to any of the running object for example MS excel or already running websites that weren't launched from the Blueprism's business object in first place - debugging essentially is pretty easy and handy when it comes to fixing errors or re-doing any dev steps.

Easy to navigate and visualize the process flow.

Flexibilities in integrating Blueprism with other technology/tools, also API calls with REST are seemingly swift and easy.

Easy to implement and easy to understand the tool, strong community backing up for any product related queries, Blueprism university courses for training purposes.

On-time support from product team on tickets.

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