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"It was very clear that SS&C Blue Prism had the edge when it came to actual technology.

We have used robotic process automation on our financial crime mitigating actions. Where we would have needed hundreds of people to do certain tasks, we've been able to put robotics in there."

Ossi Leikola Executive Vice President | Head of Banking Operations
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Shiva S
Senior Robotics Software Engineer (COE)
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


Feb 20, 2023

"Efficient and handy Robotic Process Automation Tool"

Blue Prism is easy to operate and comprehend, allowing us all to adapt current procedures and execute method enhancement initiatives more rapidly without the need for IT help. Blue Prism facilitates the fast acquisition of RPA innovation throughout the organization, automating not just dull, monotonous human operations, but also nuanced and complex activities along with a wide range of processes, merging semi-automated existing operations with manual methods. Blue Prism appeals to me since it makes it easier and less costly to build entrepreneurship CRM, BPM, DPA, Event Monitoring, and AI solutions in a single unified ecosystem. We've enhanced customer happiness, boosted staff efficiency, and boosted the accuracy and quality of our firm using one unified scalable solution. Collaborating alongside Blue Prism has allowed us all to automate a large percentage of our manual processes and has provided us with several new opportunities to expand our business.

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Marcin G.
RPA Developer
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)


Jan 04, 2022

"Blue Prism - easy to understand for users without programming background"

Simple licensing model, friendly interface and the ability to create a workflow during debugging

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Hemed H W.
Software Engineer
Program Development
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


Sep 08, 2022

"Become a champion in digital transformation with this productive intelligent automation platform"

I love the level of support offered in this product. The customer support team is always dedicated to offer any support whenever needed. It also comes loaded with some pre-built automations that helps one get started with ease. The product architecture is very flexible and allows customization in order to fit your existing working environment and neet all your requirements. It unifies both Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence making it the most equipped platform for automation of any tasks in the organization. It offers both no code and pro code functionalities making it suitable for all employees irrespective of their level of coding skills. The security features are advanced and helps ensure that as you transform your business to digital, no compromise is done to security and compliance policies.

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Francisco V.
Analista Desenvolvedor Pleno
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


Nov 28, 2022

"Great tool, has a great flow and is complete"

The fact that the user develops in Flowchart makes it much easier to solve problems, being also one of the best tools to start with because it is very intuitive, in addition to being very good for developing in an office environment.

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