Transforming Patient Experience with Intelligent Automation

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Delivering human healthcare

Healthcare networks face pressure to deliver personalized patient-centric health management, while also reducing the cost of care. Clinicians devote their lives to focused patient care and human relationships. However, constant procedural, technological, and regulatory changes force humans to act as administrative robots.

Intelligent Automation: Helping clinicians help patients

From appointment setting to patient registration, employee HR services to clinical trial management, our RPA platform supports the healthcare industry in providing more efficient, higher quality care to patients around the world.

Transform the patient experience

  • Reduce visit wait times on arrival and discharge
  • Proactively engage patients with treatment plan updates
  • Enable new patient pathways with remote and digital care

Enable integrated care

  • Bridge system gaps that hinder visibility and transparency across healthcare stakeholders
  • Provide a single view of patient data through aggregation of records
  • Enable collaboration across departments and adjacent services to standardize patient care

Transform operations

  • Develop smarter, more efficient ways of processing data
  • Streamline revenue cycles and drive financial efficiencies
  • Release clinicians from administrative tasks to increase focus on patients
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Patient access and care
Patient access and care Human resources Patient data management Patient Financial Services (US) Utilization management (private healthcare) Screening and diagnostics

Release resources for improved patient care

Blue Prism’s ability to integrate disparate care management systems minimizes the risk of human error, saves time and improves patient engagement. Using our digital workers, healthcare providers can take patient experience to the next level with visualization skills such as facial recognition, image analysis and OCR.

Case Management

Create cases or add data and notes to existing cases across systems, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of human error.

Patient information presentation

Aggregate patient records, which may be held across multiple electronic medical record systems to present a single view of all the facts, helping clinicians deliver truly personalized care.

Patient engagement

Digital Workers can assign patient portal setup, then access and send out links to patients following discharge. Treatment plans can be automatically updated through the portals for patients requiring repeat visits.

Patient self-service

Enable patients to register themselves at kiosks, significantly reducing check-in times and freeing up resources.

Hands-free check-in

Integrate with facial recognition technology to enable Digital Workers to automatically check-in repeat patients and retrieve their records on arrival, reducing waiting times and improving patient experience.

Patient diagnostics

Shorten the time between tests, results and treatment by connecting disparate systems and streamlining clinical pathways. Improving patient care and giving critical time back to clinicians.

Optimize HR management in healthcare

Getting the balance right between labor supply and the ability of clinicians to practice effectively is a challenge. Blue Prism can help reduce repetitive administrative tasks to free up HR resources ensuring that balance is achieved in increasingly cost-conscious conditions.

Talent acquisition

Interview scheduling, benefit package management, and offer letter generation lead to a smoother pre-employment experience. Information for onboarding can be stored to reduce duplicate data entry.

Candidate screening

Automatically cross-reference multiple background check sources to flag discrepancies in education records, work history, professional licenses, and malpractice complaints. Notify recruiters or hiring managers of discrepancies to minimize potential risks.


Pre-populate related onboarding documents with employee information from a single file to reduce manual data entry and errors. Create and load HRIS / HCM, learning management, and credential management system records.

Employee exit

Schedule exit activities, reassign outstanding work, verify the return of corporate assets, revoke system and facility access and update payroll. Ensure a smooth experience for exiting employees and minimize potential security risks.

Optimize the digital data landscape

More and more patient data is being digitalized, often across multiple systems. When new systems of record are introduced, this data needs to be accurately migrated from old to new. Meanwhile, on a daily basis, patient data must be accurately recorded and often duplicated across applications. Intelligent automation provides an efficient solution to make sure records are correct and up-to-date at all times.

Mass data migration

Migrate patient data from legacy systems to new patient record systems with 100% accuracy and big savings in manual effort and associated costs.

Outcome transcription

Transcribe patient outcomes across systems, removing the risk of human errors and improving patient safety.

Account data updates

Ensure patient records and accounts are accurate, reducing the risk of missing information leading to denial write-offs.

Health record consolidation

Reconciliation of health records from multiple HMS systems to create a 360° view of patient’s health records (Chronological CCD).

Streamline the revenue cycle (US providers)

Inefficient claims management from data issues like missing patient information cost hospitals millions of dollars a year in the US alone in denial write-offs. Intelligent automation minimizes that risk through improved data management and accurate, proactive, account updates.

Claims denial reviews

Audit claims denials for missing authorizations, invalid diagnosis/procedure codes, and coordination of benefits. Re-route pended claims for either automated or manual data collection.

Direct debit processing

Automate repetitive manual processing such as sending Direct Debit instructions to banks, which take up valuable time.

End of month processing

Automate the reconciliation of invoice match exceptions, resolving discrepancies with minimal manual, and tedious, effort for employees.

Authorization management

Collect patient information and perform pre-authorizations or claims status checks against major payers, provider portals (Availity), and Medicare for reduced revenue cycle turnaround and better informed patients.

Improve decision making with accurate utilization management

Effective utilization management helps manage healthcare costs so streamlining decision making for patient care is critical. Intelligent automation increases the accuracy and speed of case assessment and decision making.

Case creation and data collection

Input and reformat data into utilization management systems to reduce manual data entry and increase consistency.

Reviews and monitoring

Extend case management workflows between UM/CM teams to include systems lacking easy API integration, monitor for more complete case components. Generate real-time alerts as needed.

Focused care management

Integrate disjointed systems and automate rules-based components of UM/CM care coordination so reviewers concentrate on judgement-based assessments.

Logging and oversight

Capture critical conditions and rules-based entries for payer evidence review, internal audit, and regulatory requirements.

Streamline patient screening and diagnostics for improved outcomes

Hospital test facilities, from ultrasound to X-ray, can utilize intelligent automation to increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity to help improve patient outcomes and mitigate risk.

Screening results

Digital workers share instant screening results with relevant hospital departments to reduce waiting times and improve patient outcomes.

Screening analysis

Use machine learning and image recognition technology to review X-ray images and perform analysis.

Coordination of screening results

Digital Workers capture diagnostic results from laboratories, analyze images from radiology and coordinate follow-up visits for specialty patients (i.e. heart failure, renal failure, cancer and diabetes).

Automated diagnostic screening

Visualize and provide analysis for lab samples through images received from electronic microscopes to accurately monitor for anomalies, changes and growth patterns.

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Why intelligent automation?


  • Comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs
  • End-to-end object & process change history
  • System & process execution audits
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  • Re-usable & shareable objects/processes
  • Many-to-many process assignment
  • Processes in parallel
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Rapid Deployment & Methodology

  • Process Discovery
  • Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)
  • Success Accelerator
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Security & Access Control

  • Veracode Verified Continuous
  • Decoupled build & run
  • Disk level encryption & data masking
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Performance & Stability

  • Database layer resilience
  • Supports hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • More productive & efficient
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Intelligent & Extensible

  • Drop-in AI skills from DX
  • AI Labs & Innovation Center
  • Data Gateways
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