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Transforming Patient Experience with Intelligent Automation

Global Healthcare Survey: A New Era of Patient Experience

To understand the role of automation in past, present and future healthcare organizations, we undertook a global research survey asking 400 healthcare leaders from across the globe what their experience has been so far, and where they’re hoping to go with automation. Insights include the key hurdles to overcome, how work models are evolving, and how change is predicted to continue into the future.

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Empower Your Medical Staff and Transform Your Patient Experience with RPA

The global landscape of patient care has entered a new paradigm where technology, healthcare professionals and patients, themselves, all play equal roles in how and where care is provisioned. Enabling digital services, building the foundations for integrated care and ensuring financial sustainability are all central pillars to the modern healthcare system, and as the industry continues to evolve, enhancing how patients experience care both individually and as a population is of the upmost importance.

SS&C Blue Prism is at the leading edge of healthcare transformation, going beyond RPA to provide intelligent automation that enables organizations to meet their strategic business priorities, support their people and create exceptional patient experiences.

By supporting your teams, bridging system gaps and assisting patients, our digital workers are helping to welcome in a new era of patient experience, wherein scalability, flexibility and security are front and center.

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Cure organization wide challenges with intelligent automation

What can SS&C Blue Prism do for you?

Patient Experience
Patient Experience Interoperability & Data Management Financial Sustainability Flexibility & Agility Workforce Satisfaction Population Management & Integrated Care

Deliver world-class care to your patients

As the world becomes more consumer orientated, patients expect more from their healthcare providers. Whether this means enabling a digital front door to services, offering more tailored correspondents, or just getting more out of their interactions with clinicians, patients want information at their fingertips, and services on demand.

Create new patient engagement models

Give patients the freedom to initiate their care in whatever way suits them best. From self-service portals to self-check-in kiosks, digital workers are helping patients find more convenient ways to access care that reduces the time they spend filling out paperwork and sitting in the waiting room.

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Expedite patient processing

No one wants to be left in the dark when it comes to their care, but all too often patient processing delays leave patients out of the loop. With a digital workforce, you can ensure that referrals, claims, diagnostics and more are completed in a timely fashion so that your patients can get the results they need as soon as possible.

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Standardize services and communications

Regardless of the patient care setting, it’s important that patient engagement looks and feels the same across the board. By standardizing practices across your ICS, you can ensure patients experience seamless care, and don’t feel alienated at every turn.

Automate the contact center

Empower your contact center teams to better serve patients by automating simple inquiries and creating a single source of truth for patient data. By doing this, agents are free from time-consuming tasks and now have time to focus on patient needs, and patients spend less time on the phone.

A cure for disparate systems

The back-office is the powerhouse of patient processing. Your patients’ journey is underpinned by your ability to move data through your back office accurately and efficiently. But experience shows that operational complexity keeps operating costs high for healthcare organizations, wait times long for patients, and frustrations high for staff.

Connect disparate systems

The likes of Cerner, EPIC and any other back-office system are no match for our digital workforce. Just like your human teams, digital workers can access systems without the need for APIs and easily and quickly connect both old and new systems.

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Manage referrals with ease

Working between multiple parties and touchpoints always adds an additional layer of complexity, and sometimes that complexity can undermine patient experience. With digital workers, you can streamline the process, ensuring there are no broken links in the chain.

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Do away with manual and paper processes

Free your people from the constraints of burdensome administrative tasks, and while you’re there, remove the need to print and scan documents by allowing digital workers to be the glue between systems, helping your teams to go paper free.

Medical claims automation manager

With intelligent automation, you can: process thousands of claims in hours instead of weeks, reduce claim handling time, provide much needed assistance to patients and providers, and reduce the number of unpaid claims.

Ensuring financial sustainability

Driving down costs, ensuring financial efficiencies and innovating new revenue streams are all central to ensuring services meet and maintain desired standards. This means ensuring operating costs are kept low, processes are running efficiently, and that new ideas can be implemented at pace.

Say goodbye to expensive agency staffing

Flex your existing resources to meet peaks in demand without hiring expensive agency staff or driving your existing teams into overtime. Meanwhile, you can bridge skill gaps and shortages within your existing workforce, and enable teams to collaborate more effectively.

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Optimize existing processes

It’s well known that inefficient processes hike up operating costs. With intelligent automation, you can streamline your existing processes to operate at maximum efficiency and ensure that any future processes follow the same principles. In doing so, you can gain be sure that no money is leaking from your back office.

Introduce new or extended services

With the resource efficiencies gained from a digital workforce, you can explore the addition of billable services without needing to add additional headcount, or implement new systems. Alternatively, intelligent automation could enable you to add new services to your existing stack so you to create new revenue streams.

Enhance revenue cycles

From authorization, coding and remittance to everything in-between, ensure that your revenue cycle isn’t leaving room for leakage. And enable your teams to reclaim the cost of care and eliminate confusion around payment responsibility and eligibility with the power of a digital workforce.

Make agility and flexibility part of your core operating model

The need to future-proof your organization has never been more important. Being prepared to weather any bump in the road with a robust and agile contingency plan, and quickly pivot how patient care is provisioned is the new mark of a 21st century healthcare organization.

Harness the power of an elastic workforce

Flex existing resources to meet new demand as and when needed and bolster the skills of your teams to create an always-on workforce. Be ready to serve to your patients, no matter the day or time with the workforce of the future.

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Get new projects off the ground quickly

Act on decisions quickly and decisively, and automate new processes at the flick of a switch. Need to quickly implement a new process or integrate a new system? Migrating patient data from one system to another? Digital workers have you covered.

Design, deploy, and reuse

Standardize processes across departments and services and enable central governance principles with intelligent automation. And if you have a similar process elsewhere, you can reuse your automation objects to quickly spin up a new process, safe in the assurance that it fits within your governance framework.

Optimize your automations with Celonis

The Celonis Automation Optimizer is a must have for any organization trying to improve business outcomes with the effective deployment of RPA, from initial decisions on which processes to automate, to actual robot implementations, to monitoring and scaling RPA implementations.

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Help your staff to help your patients

In every industry, a happy, content workforce is the recipe for great customer experiences, and healthcare is no different. From making sure that staff have the time to focus on what they love to ensuring wards are full of a diverse mix of skillsets, it’s essential that your teams have the time, energy and resources to get the job done.

Save time recruiting and onboarding

Automate the simple activities that come with recruiting and onboarding new staff. From issuing new offer letters to updating internal systems, digital workers have been proven to reduce processing time down from 45 minutes to 1.

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Gain time back for patient care

Administrative work isn’t the lifeblood of healthcare institutions, so why does it take up so much of your staff’s time? Have digital workers manage the routine system updates and data handling tasks and enable your staff to get back to what really matters: caring for patients.

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Combat skills shortages

Understaffing is a longstanding issue for healthcare organizations world-wide, but automation is filling those gaps. With AI capabilities, digital workers emulate the actions of human staff in hospital systems, enabling them to take on some of the tasks that might otherwise be neglected due to short staffing.

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Automation your contact center

Empower your contact center teams to better serve patients by automating simple inquiries and creating a single source of truth for patient data. As a result, your agents will be free to focus on patient needs, and patients won’t have to spend valuable time waiting for answers on the phone.

Keeping your populations healthy, and your operations straightforward

Population health management and integrated care are increasing in international significance, and for good reason. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of working together with other public services and sharing responsibility for people’s welfare and health outcomes.

Harness the power of your data

Aggregate data from various patient touchpoints, including local governments and services, to provide actionable insights into the general welfare of your populations.

Share knowledge and collaborate

Move patient data between relevant systems and across various stakeholder departments to empower healthcare workers to create integrated health and social care plans that look after your patients’ well-being well after they’ve left the hospital setting.

Standardize care across the board

Ensure every patient engagement upholds the same quality standards throughout your organization. By standardizing practices across your ICS, you can ensure patients experience comprehensive and collaborative care.

Manage vaccine rollout end-to-end

Designed for anyone involved in the production, distribution, and administration of COVID-19 vaccines, the IBI Vaccine Management Platform provides real-time insights into the entire vaccine supply chain, from where the vaccine is produced and distributed to where and how it is administered.

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Senior NHS Executives are harnessing automation to meet long term plans.

We think the HFMA says it best in our latest joint report:

Digital workers need to be part of any organization’s digital armory, and automation should be considered and championed at a strategic level if it is to make an organisation-wide impact.”