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Employee Onboarding Automation - New Hires

Make New Hires Feel Welcome

You have a one-time opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression on your employees, helping set a good tone for their work and potentially improve retention — and it all lies in the onboarding process. Unfortunately, many organizations overlook this crucial stage which leads to a domino effect of consequences, ultimately leaving your human resources (HR) department in a mad dash to backfill open positions. Break free from this cycle and get onboarding right by automating the employee onboarding process. Let’s deliver a highly efficient, streamlined experience that creates a welcoming and positive environment — one that helps new hires have everything they need right when they need it.

Automate the Onboarding Process

Automation enables success from the get-go. Employee onboarding automation involves using intelligent automation (IA), made up of technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), to remove manual, time-consuming tasks from your HR team. Experience smoother onboarding, happier hires and bring people-centric HR back.

What Does Onboarding Automation Do?

The onboarding challenge
Making onboarding effective
Enable mission success
Employee Onboarding Automation - Challenges

The onboarding challenge

Many new hires have come to expect the same speed and convenience from onboarding that they experience pretty much anywhere else. That is a quick, technology-driven, accurate and complete experience. But many organizations still struggle to meet these expectations as they still use manual, paper-intensive processes fraught with inefficiencies, delays and errors — it shouldn’t be like this.


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Benefits of an Automated Onboarding Process

Removes security risk

Through automation, you can rest well assured that all regulatory requirements and company policies are consistently followed throughout the onboarding process, reducing the risk of non-compliance. For example, adherence to employee data management regulations or secure contract signing.

Saves time

Automating manual tasks such as paperwork processing and data entry means that HR staff can save valuable time to focus on more strategic initiatives and high-priority, important tasks. They can also achieve more in less time, so you can allocate back-office resources more effectively.


IA can utilize data intelligence and pre-configured dashboards to analyze candidate trends and proactively identify opportunities for improvement. By delegating manual administrative tasks to digital workers, HR team members are free to be more productive in other business areas.

Improves employee retention

Generally speaking, a smoother and engaging onboarding experience has a lasting positive impression on new hires. As a result, this can improve employee retention — increasing their likelihood of staying with the company long-term.

Competitive edge

Employee onboarding software offers a competitive edge to your processes without expanding HR headcount. Seamlessly engage with candidates across multiple channels — webchat, voice, text and mobile — for faster, more accurate interactions, ensuring a delightful experience for new hires.


Automation ensures a consistent onboarding experience for all new hires. Your team can ensure that any employee onboarding checklist can be followed every time, and that each employee receives the appropriate level of support and information for their role.

Ways Automation Can Level Up Your Onboarding

Document management

Collect e-signed forms and automatically generate official PDF documents with hiring automation. Through optical character recognition (OCR), digital workers can also extract data from handwritten forms and turn them into structured data for further processing. They can also streamline the distribution, completion and storage of hiring or onboarding documents.

Documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Tax forms
  • Company policies
  • Onboarding checklists
  • CVs and references

Training and learning

Ensure that all new hires receive appropriate levels and training and get the right information for their role. Through LMS automation, you can automatically assign and deliver training modules, courses and materials to new hires while tracking their progress and completion.

Automation helps with:

  • Personalization of learning paths based on roles, skills and objectives.
  • Integration with learning systems to access pre-existing training materials.
  • Scheduling and tracking employee progress.

Handbook and policy

With so much going on during onboarding, it can be easy to forget to give your employees a handbook and company policy documents. Fortunately, through automation, you can automatically distribute these important documents and also track the acknowledgement of important policies and procedures.

With automation, HR teams can:

  • Give interactive access to handbooks through a centralized portal.
  • Implement version control to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant documents.
  • Monitor the acknowledgment of policies and answer questions.

Feedback collection

Want to know what your new hires think of your onboarding process at every stage or maybe as a whole? With digital workers, you can collect feedback from new hires about their experience through surveys and assessments. HR teams can then identify areas for improvement or see what they’re missing.

IA and RPA support:

  • Feedback collection and analysis to identify trends.
  • Personalization of follow-up communication.
  • Integration with other management systems for holistic employee evaluation.

Provisioning and IT

For new hires, it can be an absolute pain when you go through the onboarding process and start your role, only to realize you don’t have any of the software or system access you require. Ensure new hires have everything they need by automatically setting up new employee access to systems, applications, email accounts and other IT resources based on their roles and permissions.

With automation, you can:

  • Create accounts on different software without waiting for IT support.
  • Monitor and manage permissions to ensure compliance.
  • Integrate with a single sign-on solution for seamless access to multiple systems.


Extend HR automation use cases to the offboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for employees leaving the organization. Mitigate any security risks and ensure employees can no longer access company systems or data through workflows.

Offboarding automation supports:

  • The retrieval of company assets.
  • Exit interview scheduling and compiling feedback.
  • Archival or deletion of employee data.
  • Access removals.

System integration

Easily integrate your onboarding program automation with other automations like recruitment automation, expenses automation or payroll systems. You can then ensure accurate employee data across any program or system and easily interconnect them for one source of truth.

IA can:

  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party industry-leading HR platforms like Workday, Oracle, Sage and SAP.
  • Ensure data is captured just once and every department stays aligned on what needs doing.
  • Sync data across systems to eliminate redundancies.

What Our HR Customers Say

What took a person a minimum of six weeks to complete during the onboarding process, we got done with SS&C Blue Prism digital workers in just two days. This has increased employee satisfaction and gets new starters working more quickly.”

Silvina Montemartini, Head of RPA


Intelligent automation is not only helping improve the colleague experience for us, but it’s also keeping us legal and compliant with legislation in the U.K. For me, these two things demonstrate the power of the technology.”

Scott Worth, Performance and Productivity Improvement Manager

Central England Co-operative 

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