Email AI

With SS&C | Blue Prism® Email AI, automatically sort, classify and extract incoming email content to deliver faster responses to employees and customers.

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Enable people to focus on higher-value projects and tasks: That’s a smart email response.

Email AI uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) processing to identify an email’s content intent, detect urgent and value-based emails, extract relevant information and help agents quickly answer client questions.

Reduce processing time

Instead of manually classifying and indexing work, Email AI processes the majority of emails straight through, saving hours of a processor’s time. Straight through email classifications and indexing account for up to 75% of customer requests.

Improve staff productivity

Email AI does the work for you by classifying, routing and extracting relevant email content to the appropriate staff. Data entry resources and processors are now free to focus on more productive tasks and decisions.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Email AI eliminates the manual email intervention for query resolution. It allows helpdesk agents to quickly handle client requests such as change of name/address, bank details or email change requests so that customers can receive the right information in seconds.

What does Email AI give you?

Seamless integration

Email AI seamlessly integrates into your existing process flows on BPM or RPA systems and returns data that is ready for immediate processing. It’s available as an API, accessible from SS&C Blue Prism’s marketplace.

Logical email routing

Users can configure email work streams for straight-through processing of simple email content requests or use people to manage and train the AI model for more complicated client requests.

Pre-trained modeling

Email AI removes the need to manually train algorithms to retrieve information. It is pre-trained with a labeling system for emails that categorize information in advance.

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